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Kevin McCarthy Wants 2 GOP Reps Gone

via CBS
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Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has expressed his disdain for some of the fellow Republicans who voted to oust him.

McCarthy specifically criticized Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Nancy Mace, stating that the party would be better off without them.

McCarthy accused both of them of prioritizing media attention over conservative policy.

“If you’ve watched her, just her philosophy, and the flip-flopping, I don’t believe she wins reelection,” McCarthy said.

“People have to earn the right to be here,” McCarthy added regarding Gaetz.

“And I just think from — I mean he’ll admit to you personally. He doesn’t have a conservative bent in his philosophy. And just the nature of what he focuses on.”

“They care a lot about press, not about policy, and so they seem to just want the press and the personality,” he said.

In response, Mace criticized McCarthy, calling him a habitual liar and emphasizing her fundraising abilities.

“I mean, this was a guy who lied all the time, like every day,” Mace said in response.

“I mean, he told conservatives he was absolutely gonna impeach Joe Biden. Two hours later, the same day, told moderates that he would never impeach Joe Biden, a guy like that can’t lead our country. And we’ve moved on to a much better speaker who’s honest and trustworthy and is going to tell the truth.”

“I raise $6 million every two years for my reelection campaign,” she added. “I know exactly how to raise money. I know exactly how to run — women can run and women can win, Kevin McCarthy — surprise.”

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