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Armstrong Steel Stands with Denver Police

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In the heart of Denver, a city renowned for its beauty and vitality, a multifaceted plan is underway to influence a decrease in crime that brings hope to its residents. Amidst this positive shift, the Denver Police Department remains steadfast in its efforts to maintain the city’s security despite limited funding. Faced with challenges, the department’s leaders took decisive action, urgently requesting $431,200 to fund 43 new positions, starting in December 2023.

Under the leadership of Chief Ron Thomas, the Denver Police Department continues its unwavering focus on public trust, reducing crime, and improving response times. Chief Thomas announced lower rates of both violent and property crime in 2023. Particularly noteworthy is the 35% decrease in property crime in the Central Business District year-to-date compared to the three-year average. Additionally, the department’s proactive approach led to the removal of 600 illegal guns from Denver’s streets this year.

To enhance transparency and empower residents, the department has implemented public dashboards. These dashboards provide vital information on response times, internal affairs, and more, fostering a sense of community involvement and understanding.

This positive transformation didn’t happen overnight. It came through collective efforts, perseverance, and a commitment to creating a safer environment for all Denver residents. As this significant progress is celebrated, the importance of continued support and collaboration is recognized. Denver continues to be a city where safety, security, and unity thrive.

In an effort to show community support, local businesses have stepped up to help. One business, Armstrong Steel, a local steel building manufacturer, made a substantial contribution towards purchasing rifle-rated ballistic vests for Denver Police officers. Denver Police Foundation Executive Director Megan Pletcher applauded this effort and their owner Ethan Chumley, “The valuable work of the Denver Police Foundation and the incredible dedication of the members of the Denver Police Department to our city and community could not be accomplished without your generosity. Policing has been at the forefront of the media and criticism these last few years, yet our officers still show up, honoring their commitment to keep our community and families safe. Ethan, we are thankful for you; you are the cornerstone of our organization and making the Denver Police Department the best in the country.”

Armstrong Steel’s generosity underscored the company’s dedication to Denver’s safety and security. “At Armstrong Steel, we stand with Denver, believing in the power of community and safety. Supporting the Denver Police Department is not just an honor; it’s a responsibility I embrace wholeheartedly. Denver’s challenges are ours, and I believe in meaningful action, not just words. Equipping our officers is a significant step, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to a safer tomorrow.” Chumley said.

Witnessing the positive impact of collective efforts, Armstrong Steel’s commitment should inspire businesses across the country to engage in similar causes. Supporting your local Police Department is not just a civic duty; it’s an investment in the safety and prosperity of your community.

As Denver celebrates a decreasing trend in crime, a united front against criminal activities is crucial to ensuring a safer and brighter future for all its residents. One can confidently expect that these measures will pave the way for a revitalized, secure Denver, standing as a beacon of resilience and community strength and other Americans across the nation should follow in the footsteps of companies like Armstrong Steel Buildings.

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