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Karine Jean-Pierre Is A Disaster: Uninformed, Incompetent, And Dishonest


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has faced criticism from both conservative and moderate outlets for her performance, with concerns about her preparedness and delivery during briefings.

Some critics have questioned whether her appointment was based on her abilities or her identity, raising broader questions about affirmative action and diversity hiring initiatives.

The criticism has sparked a debate on the effectiveness of such hiring practices. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News)

Responses given by Karine Jean-Pierre, like the claim that President Biden ‘has done everything’ to secure the southern border, has caused some reporters to speak out against the Press Secretary.

One reporter told Politico that “At a certain point it wouldn’t surprise me if people started voting with their feet,” implying that journalists may boycott the briefings.

A second reporter said, “She is so focused on not making a mistake that she doesn’t let herself speak freely,”

Adding, “A lot of her responses end up becoming…it appears that she’s reading from a page.”

Jean-Pierre’s underwhelming performance has led to concerns about the impact of identity-based hiring and has prompted criticism from various perspectives.

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