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Joe Biden’s Electric Car Dream Is Dying a Slow and Painful Death

via PBS NewsHour

Automakers like GM and Ford are scaling back on their projections and production targets for electric vehicles (EVs), with Ford postponing $12 billion in EV spending and investment.

This shift comes as the Biden administration aims to increase the share of EV sales, but challenges remain.

Cost, convenience, climate, and China’s dominance in battery production are significant factors hindering EV adoption. (Trending: Supreme Court Dismisses Case To Keep Trump Off Ballot)

Issues such as higher upfront costs, limited charging infrastructure, reduced range in cold weather, and reliance on China for battery production present obstacles.

Ford Chief Financial Officer John Lawler said, “Given the dynamic EV environment, we are being judicious about our production and adjusting future capacity to better match market demand.”

“He announced that Ford is postponing $12 billion of spending and investment on EVs, including a Kentucky battery plant, after it halted its $3.5 billion Michigan-China battery partnership in September,” the report found.

“A study by truck manufacturer Autocar shows that electric vehicles lose, on average, a third of their range in the winter, which reduces the typical 240-mile range to 160 miles. If a heat pump is added to the car, the loss is less, but still, the 240-mile range would shrink to 180,” the report added. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News)

“In cold climates, batteries lose 20% to 40% of their range. That’s one reason only 380 North Dakota residents chose EVs in 2021 and Alaska had just 1,300.”

These challenges, alongside concerns over energy independence and emissions reduction, suggest a complex landscape for EV adoption in the U.S.

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