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Speaker Mike Johnson Stands By Christian Faith As Liberals Mock Him

via FOX

House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, has faced criticism for using accountability software to block pornographic content for himself and his teenage son.

He explained that the software sends reports to an accountability partner, and he used it to monitor his son’s and his own devices.

Media outlets criticized him, with Rolling Stone calling it “creepy,” while others simply mocked his Christian faith. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News)

Johnson defended himself, stating that the attacks don’t bother him and emphasized the importance of love and peace in his Christian faith.

“It sends a report to your accountability partner,” Johnson explained.

“My accountability partner right now is Jack, my son. He’s 17. So he and I get a report about all the things that are on our phones, all of our devices, once a week.”

“If anything objectionable comes up, your accountability partner gets an immediate notice. I’m proud to tell you, my son has got a clean slate,” Johnson added.

“It’s really sensitive, it’ll pick up almost anything, it looks for keywords, search terms, and also images, and it will send your accountability partner a blurred picture of the image.”

“This is just the latest attack in a campaign by D.C. insiders on my faith,” Johnson said unfazed.

“What he actually said is that he installed accountability software on his son’s devices to keep his son from using porn, and he put the same software on his own devices to show his son he wasn’t using porn either,” wrote Daniel Friedman in response to Rolling Stone’s article over the matter.

“Look, there are entire industries that are built to take down public leaders—effective political leaders like me. I’m not surprised by that. I mean, it comes with the territory. It doesn’t bother me at all,” Johnson stated.

“I just wish they would get to know me,” he continued, saying, “I’m not trying to establish Christianity as the national religion or something. That’s not what this is about at all.”

“If you truly believe in the Bible’s commands and seek to follow them, it’s impossible to be a hateful person because the greatest command in the Bible is that you love God with everything you have, and you love your neighbor as yourself,” he said.

He expressed concern that American ideals and the country’s Judeo-Christian foundation are deeply under attack.

“But what really hurts me is that it really is a statement about everyone who believes in this, that the country was built upon—our Judeo-Christian foundation is the heritage of our country,” Johnson said.

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