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Meet the Beretta 93R: The Powerhouse ‘RoboCop’ Gun

via Vickers Tactical on Youtube
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The Beretta 93R, a true machine pistol, is one of very few of its kind.

The firearm is based on the Beretta 92/M9 series and offers a select-fire option, capable of single fire or three-round bursts at a rapid rate.

The gun features a steel slide, aluminum alloy frame, and a standard magazine capacity of 20 rounds.

It gained recognition from its appearance in action-adventure novels and movies, notably as the “Auto 9″ in the original RoboCop.

“The Beretta 93R fires either in single fire or in three round burst (at a rate of 1,100 rounds per minute), which is from where it gets the designation ‘R,’ short for ‘raffica,’ which means “burst” or “volley” in Italian,” the SOFPREP explained.

“To make it easier to control, the Beretta 93R has a short foregrip (which folds under the dust cover) and can be fitted with a folding buttstock. Early models also featured an extended, ported barrel.”

“I’ll give credit to the prop and armory guys. They made the Auto 9 both cool and practical, at least as far as sci-fi props go,” said Travis Pike of Pew Pew Tactical.

“On the front, they added a big compensator and barrel shroud, but remembered to include a front sight on a vent rib. To keep it practical, they enlarged the rear sight. The grip was also extended…In general, the gun was huge…Fun fact: RoboCop was originally set to wield a Desert Eagle, but the director found it too small. (I’ve never heard a Desert Eagle described as small…)”

The Beretta 93R is rare and extremely expensive due to limited availability in the market, with prices ranging from $15,000 to $55,000 USD.

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