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Tim McGraw Opens Up About His Biggest Disagreements With Faith Hill

via CBS

Country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who have been happily married for nearly three decades, have revealed that some of their biggest disagreements involve their profession.

McGraw described himself as “type-A” when performing, while Hill is more laid-back, leading to clashes when putting a tour together.

“I mean we’re two different artists. We don’t always agree, musically. In fact, some of our biggest disagreements come when we’re putting a tour together,” McGraw said. (Trending: Is It Time For Joe Biden To Drop Out Of 2024?)

“I’m a mess. I’ll throw clothes everywhere,” he admitted. “I mean she’s always, constantly on me about picking my clothes up.”

“I mean, I spent 30 years living in a hotel… In and out. So I’m just constantly throwing stuff everywhere and she’s like, ‘You got to clean up after yourself.’”

“When I’m putting a show together,” however, “I’m very type-A. I want everything right, in the right place at the right time… And Faith wants to free-wheel it a lot.”

‘Just because she’s so talented. And she [doesn’t] want to be constrained. So some of the times, we knock heads a little bit, but we figure it out.”

“We always have a great time touring together.”

Despite their differences, he emphasized that the two support and trust each other’s artistic choices.

“She’s had enough success that I’ve been proven wrong so many times that I learned to trust her completely on what she wants to do. And she’s learned to trust me on what I want to do.”

McGraw noted the importance of recognizing and respecting each other’s individuality in overlapping professions.

“Understand that you’re different,” he said. “I think that’s the biggest deal. Just don’t think because you’re an artist your spouse has to be an artist like you are. Understand their own individuality and the kind of stuff that they like to do and the kind of ways they like to do things.”

“And what gets their artistic juices flowing may be different than what gets yours flowing. And if you don’t recognize that and pay attention to that, then you can maybe run into some problems.”

The couple also discussed the challenges they knew they would face when they first got together and emphasized the importance of commitment and toughing things out.

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