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The Chaos That We See Around the World Is Biden’s Fault

via FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul
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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin criticized President Joe Biden, stating that his projected weakness has led to chaos both domestically and internationally.

Youngkin pointed to issues such as foreign policy, border security, drug overdoses, and economic instability as evidence of Biden’s incompetence.

“Well, I’ve consistently said that Joe Biden was legitimately elected president,” Youngkin said. “He’s sleeping in the White House. I wish he weren’t. In all candor, the chaos that we see around the world and at home is his projected weakness. International foreign policy has resulted in multiple spots of chaos from Israel to Ukraine to China is his foreign policy weakness again, has resulted in bad adversaries being funded like Iran.” (Trending: CNN Poll Is Bad News For Biden)

“And then we see his weakness at our border, which has turned every state into a border state,” he added. “The free flow of illegal drugs and crime has really invaded everywhere. We have five Virginians a day on average that died from fentanyl overdoses. And of course, the chaos in our economy is not only hurting Virginians, and Americans, but it projects weakness around the world yet again.”

“And so, I wish you weren’t our president,” he pressed. “We can’t afford to have him be our president again.”

“And Virginians are telling me every single day that these issues, these issues of jobs and inflation and public safety and great education for their children are so important. That’s where we need to be focused and common-sense policies do work. We’ve demonstrated it in Virginia.”

He urged Virginians to vote for Republicans in the upcoming elections to maintain the majority in the House and potentially gain control of the Senate.

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