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Bill Maher Clashes With ‘Woke’ Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson

via HBO

Bill Maher and Neil deGrasse Tyson clashed on the “Club Random” podcast over “woke” college campuses and transgender athletes.

Maher criticized colleges for stifling free speech and called out the far-left for being “f—ing nuts.”

“I have given up on any place that doesn’t even remotely attempt to believe in free speech, and thinks that anything they hear that they don’t like, that they don’t agree with is violence. These people are f—ing nuts, and you should be calling them out,” Maher charged Tyson. (Trending: Is It Time For Joe Biden To Drop Out Of 2024?)

“You’re doing what parents do: You’re taking the path of least resistance, and therefore hurting the kids and yourself. Parents ruin both their lives. They ruin their f—ing spoiled kids’ lives, and they ruin their own lives because the kids rule the roost. So that’s what you’re doing on a national level,” he said to Tyson.

Tyson defended navigating cultural “land mines” in order to maintain influence with younger crowds.

They also debated the idea of hormone categories in athletic competitions for transgender athletes, with Tyson suggesting it as a solution.

“So all I’m saying is, what is it that makes the man, the ‘man’?” Tyson questioned. “Is it the hormones? OK. If it’s the hormones, and you decide to give yourself a different cocktail of hormones — I’m making this up, by the way. I’m not saying it should happen this way. It’s a way to start thinking about it. Maybe the track meets have hormone categories.”

Maher challenged the health effects of cross-hormone therapy, but the two never reached a consensus.

“Would you not admit that? Do you think we can just safely do things like this?” he asked. (Trending: CNN Poll Is Bad News For Biden)

Avoiding an answer to the question, Tyson responded, “So you feel this way because you’re concerned about — you are so deeply concerned about the health of the people who try to find their place on the gender spectrum? You care about their health so much that you don’t want them to go through that?”

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