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Bernie Sanders Gives Israel A Warning

via YouTube

Bernie Sanders criticized the Israeli government for its actions against Palestinian civilians and called for an end to the bombing.

He emphasized the need for Israel to change its military strategy if it wants to continue receiving aid from the U.S.

Sanders also advocated for a two-state solution, calling on Israel and other wealthy Middle Eastern nations to provide hope and freedom to the Palestinians. (Trending: Donald Trump Loses His Cool At High-Stakes $250 Million Trial)

The House passed a bill to fund $14.3 billion to Israel, but Sanders did not express a definite stance on it.

“We’ll see what the bill looks like. But it is terribly important that as we debate that we say to Israel, you want this money, you gotta change your military strategy,” Sanders said.

“The other point is we have to give hope to the Palestinian people. They were living in, before Oct. 7, in a disastrous situation in Gaza. Seventy-five percent youth unemployment, massive poverty. And right now in Israel, you’re having the Netanyahu government, an extreme right-wing government, with racists aboard, trying to make it impossible for a two-state solution in the West Bank, they’re killing settlers there.”

He opposed a ceasefire, stating that it would allow Hamas to carry out further attacks. (Trending: Federal Court Rules Against Gun Owners)

Sanders emphasized the importance of ending the humanitarian disaster and working towards a two-state solution.

“I think what the Arab countries in the region understand — that Hamas has got to go,” Sanders said. “So, what we need right now, the immediate task right now, is to end the bombing, to end the horrific humanitarian disaster, to build, go forward with the entire world for a two-tiered, two-state solution to the crisis to give the Palestinian people hope.”

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