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‘Jeopardy!’ Host Shocked By Antisemitism In America

via New York Post
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Mayim Bialik, an actress and former “Jeopardy!” host, expressed her shock and concern about the rise of anti-Semitism in America following the Hamas attacks on Israel.

In an emotional TikTok video, she condemned the calls for further violence against Jewish people and highlighted the chants of “We want a Jewish genocide” at her alma mater, UCLA.

Bialik criticized universities that fail to denounce organizations celebrating the massacre of Jewish people and expressed fear for her son’s safety in school.

“Imagine if there was a massacre of an ethnic group or a religious group, the equivalent of 50,000 Americans,” she pressed. “And imagine if what happened after that was that all over the world, there were marches of tense of thousands of people calling for further massacre of those people … That’s what it feels like right now as a Jewish person.”

“There has not been an experience in my lifetime that has prepared me for this,” she added.

“I have heard from many people my whole life that anti-semitism is growing. That the Holocaust, while we say we’ll never forget, many have forgotten. And the swiftness with which the global population has seized upon the massacre of Jewish civilians living inside of a border.

“The swiftness with which the world has stepped up to redefine terrorism, to redefine statehood, to redefine the right of a people to exist.”

“Nothing has prepared me or any of us for this,” the “Jeopardy!” host went on. “Because it is clear, we get it. It is clear that there is a strain of antisemitism that is alive and well. It is thriving at my Alma Mater where the chant ‘We want a Jewish genocide’ was echoed in the quad in front of Royce Hall.”

She also drew comparisons to historical attempts to eliminate the Jewish people and described herself as a “stranger in a strange land.”

“We should not normalize it,” the actress said. “There is no excuse for calling for a genocide of an entire people. Period. Full stop.”

“Jewish stars are being painted on Jewish homes all over the world. Is this the moment that anti-Zionists have been waiting for?” she added. “The moment when the entire world bans against the Jewish people. I’m no longer afraid to draw comparisons to the global attempt of the elimination of the Jewish people. Which my grandparents escaped eastern Europe to flee.”

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