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Biden Official Uses Halloween to Promote Political Agenda

via CNN
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Secretary of State Antony Blinken dressed his 4-year-old son as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for a White House Halloween event, symbolically asking for “candy” from President Joe Biden.

The costume was seen as a form of subliminal messaging to push the Biden administration’s agenda regarding Ukraine.

The costume was blasted online, as X users shared their thoughts on the move.

“Levels of cringe we haven’t seen in a while,” one user posted.

“So your kid can choose their gender, but not their own costumes,” another said.

“Next level propaganda. Kind of have to respect the commitment to it,” read another comment.

Biden has shifted the focus from “helping Ukraine” to promising an “economic boom” from jobs created by the need for new ammunition.

The U.S. has already approved billions of dollars in additional aid for Ukraine, and Biden has requested further funding.

Blinken has expressed commitment to helping Ukraine rebuild its economy and energy grid.

“We are committed to working with allies and partners to help Ukrainians make their vision a reality,” Biden said.

“We’ll not only help Ukraine rebuild its economy, but reimagine it, with new industries, trade routes, supply chains connected with Europe and with markets around the world,” he added.

“We’ll continue to bolster Ukraine’s independent anti-corruption bodies, a free and vibrant press, civil society organizations. We’ll help Ukraine overhaul its energy grid — more than half of which has been destroyed by Russia — and do it in a way that’s cleaner, more resilient, and more integrated with its neighbors, so that Ukraine can one day become an energy exporter,” Blinken stated.

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