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Hollywood Star Resigns Over Response To Hamas Terror Attack

via Fox News

Screenwriter Dan Gordon is ending his involvement with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) due to the group’s failure to condemn the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel in a timely manner.

“We had no trouble, as we should not have had, weighing in after George Floyd was killed. We had no problem, as we should not have had, weighing in on the #MeToo movement. No one said at the time, ‘I don’t want to offend Bill Cosby,’” the “Wyatt Earp” writer stated.

“And yet you’re witness to nothing less than the worst slaughter of Jews since Nazi Germany and you can’t find a word to say to condemn it.”

Following Gordon’s condemnation or the organization, the WGA issued an apology to its members, and pressed that it is often slow to speak on global affairs.

“We did not, for example, make a comment after Russia invaded Ukraine, nor on terrorist attacks in Somalia, Pakistan or elsewhere,” the guild stated. “It can be an imprecise science for a labor union to pick and choose where it weighs in on both domestic and world affairs.”

“We are American labor leaders, aware of our limitations and humbled by the magnitude of this conflict,” they wrote. “However, we understand this has caused tremendous pain and for that we are truly sorry.”

“The Guild’s decision not to issue a statement on the events of October 7th has caused pain within our membership that we did not intend.”

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