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Miami Dolphins QB Stuns Reporters With Comment on ‘Sound of Freedom’ Movie

Tua Tagovailoa interviewed on ESPN via YouTube

The liberal media won’t be happy with NFL quarterback “Tua” Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins who took a bold stance against sex trafficking in support of the popular film “Sound of Freedom.”

The film is a true-life story about child sex trafficking and modern-day child slavery. With a smaller film budget of $14.5 million, the film has earned at least $174 million in the US alone at the time of this report.

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Left-leaning outlets like the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and CNN have criticized “Sound of Freedom” and its star actor Jim Caviezel for allegedly having ties to QAnon conspiracy theories. Rolling Stone published an article titled, “’Sound Of Freedom’ Is a Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms.” (Poll: Is CNN ‘Fake News’? VOTE)

“Sound of Freedom is good,” the NFL quarterback said. “Yeah, Sound of Freedom is definitely really good. You guys should watch that.”

“Especially you guys with kids,” he added. Sound of Freedom has not been released internationally, but is scheduled to appear overseas in the coming months.

On CNN, the film was criticized as pundits linked it to QAnon. “The pro-pedo media are TERRIFIED of the masses seeing this film,” Senior Editor of Human Events Jack Posobiec wrote.

A report from Post Millenial found that media outlets who have criticized “Sound of Freedom” appear to have one thing in common: They previously celebrated the controversial Netflix show “Cuties” with rave reviews. (Trending: Ex-Capitol Police Chief Drops Bombshell About Jan 6)

“Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo said, “The media praised Cuties but criticizes the Sound of Freedom. That should tell you everything you need to know,” he added.

“Cuties” received major backlash for sexualizing underage girls. The film faced a petition for removal as well as a criminal indictment in Texas.

Rolling Stone argued that “Cuties” was wrongfully accused of “sexualizing young girls” and the show “deserves to be seen.”

“Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo said, “The media praised Cuties but criticizes the Sound of Freedom.”

“That should tell you everything you need to know,” he added.

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