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After 166 Years, Iconic Store May Be Closing

Photo Illustration Woman Shopping via PixaBay License

The iconic luxury department store “Gump’s” of San Francisco may be closing its doors due to the “litany of destructive” policies in the city that have resulted in rampant crime, drug use, and other problems.

Store owner John Chachas explained his serious concerns in a letter addressed to Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom and Democrat Mayor London Breed.

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“Gump’s has been a San Francisco icon for more than 165 years,” he began. “Today, as we prepare for our 166th holiday season at 250 Post Street, we fear this may be our last because of the profound erosion of this city’s conditions.” (Poll: Is America Better Off Under Biden? VOTE)

The letter was also published in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Although Chachas acknowledged problems stemming from COVID-related lockdowns, he argued the cities left-wing policies have been “equally devastating” beyond the pandemic.

“Equally devastating have been a litany of destructive San Francisco strategies, including allowing the homeless to occupy our sidewalks, to openly distribute and use illegal drugs, to harass the public and to defile the city’s streets,” Chachas continued.

“Such abject disregard for civilized conduct makes San Francisco unlivable for its residents, unsafe for our employees, and unwelcoming to visitors from around the world,” Chachas said, adding, “San Francisco deserves better.” (Trending: Ex-Capitol Police Chief Drops Bombshell About Jan 6)

Chachas suggested that elected officials can start addressing problems by removing homeless camps and cleaning the streets. In reference to the fact customers won’t visit stores, he said, “The customers tell us all the time… I have to step over human waste, and needles and garbage. Forget it.”

He argued that law enforcement should be allowed to enforce the local and state laws that were already in place. (Poll: Is CNN ‘Fake News’? VOTE)

“We will continue to support the compassionate efforts of helping those in need. But we believe failed public policies must be abandoned and a renewed focus must be brought to restore the city we all love,” he concluded.

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