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‘I’m Still Woke!’: Actor John Leguizamo Erupts On Emmy Voters

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John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo, the actor, placed a full-page advertisement in The New York Times urging Emmy voters to consider nominees from non-White backgrounds.

Everyone is exhausted

“I know everyone is exhausted about inclusion but not us who are not included. So that’s why I took this ad out in the NYTimes,” Leguizamo said, sharing images of his ad.

The actor

The actor with progressive views highlighted that White individuals hold a disproportionate number of senior positions in various fields such as technology, finance, healthcare, streaming services, and the entertainment industry.

America is better

“America is better when it is inclusive. It is more profitable. It is more creative! Let’s not give up. I’m still woke! Are you?” he wrote.

Tired of hearing words

“I know you’re tired of hearing words like ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ – treading water while you try to understand how to put actions behind these sentiments,” he wrote.

The start

“Let this be the start of a new era,” he wrote. “Let us not continue to whitewash our award shows. Instead, let this year be the catalyst that inspires the next generation of minority and underrepresented artists… a generation who might finally see a reflection of themselves on that stage and think… ‘If they can, maybe I can too.'”

Recent ad

John Leguizamo’s recent ad addressed the lack of recognition for artists of color in award shows, urging the Television Academy to acknowledge their talent based on merit rather than ethnicity.

The need for inclusivity

He highlighted the need for inclusivity in award categories.

Advocacy for diversity

Leguizamo’s advocacy for diversity aligns with ongoing discussions in Hollywood, where statistics show a lack of diversity in nominees.

Outspoken views

Known for his outspoken views, Leguizamo has been vocal on social and political issues, including the impact of former President Trump on the economy.

Blaming him

“Because Latinos, they’re blaming him [Biden] for the economy, which they shouldn’t be because COVID was the culprit and Trump not handling COVID was the culprit in damaging our economy.”

Critic of Trump

Leguizamo, a long-time critic of Trump, voiced his dissatisfaction with the former president gaining Latino support earlier this year. In April, while guest hosting Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” the actor comically attacked a piñata on live television in response to current polls.

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