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Supreme Court Issues Emergency Order Denying Block Of Firearm Permits

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Firearm laws

The Supreme Court’s decision not to expedite a review of New York’s rifle and shotgun permit regulations in the Srour v. City of New York lawsuit has substantial implications for Second Amendment rights and ongoing legal battles over firearm laws.

The lawsuit

The lawsuit challenges New York City’s discretionary permit process, which gives the police department subjective authority to decide eligibility for possessing rifles and shotguns.

The recent decision

The plaintiffs in this case contend that New York’s discretionary permit system directly contradicts the Supreme Court’s recent decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

The Second Amendment

In that ruling, the Supreme Court invalidated New York’s “may-issue” concealed carry permit system, highlighting that these discretionary criteria lack historical validation and infringe upon the Second Amendment.

A permanent injunction

At first, the federal district court issued a permanent injunction against New York City’s discretionary licensing program, specifically focusing on the “good moral character” prerequisite.

A notable win

This marked a notable win for supporters of the Second Amendment, as the court deemed the mandate to be in opposition to the Supreme Court’s Bruen verdict.

Second Amendment lawsuits

Nevertheless, the City of New York promptly appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, recognized for its unfavorable disposition towards Second Amendment lawsuits.

The appeal process

The Second Circuit issued a temporary suspension on the district court’s injunction, reinstating the permit conditions during the appeal process.

The suspension

In reaction, the plaintiffs submitted an immediate petition to the Supreme Court, requesting the removal of the suspension enforced by the Second Circuit.


Their argument centered on the prediction that New York would eventually be unsuccessful in the appeal, given that the lower court had already determined that the “good moral character” criterion breaches the Second Amendment in accordance with the Bruen case.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, tasked with examining urgent requests from the Second Circuit, initially turned down the emergency petition on her own authority.

Taking further action

The Supreme Court’s refusal of an urgent review on New York’s rifle and shotgun permit regulations case signifies a preference for letting lower courts complete their assessments before taking further action.

Firearm regulations

The pending Rahimi case’s ruling may influence how courts interpret federal firearm regulations, including the Bruen decision.

Despite the setback

Despite the setback for Second Amendment advocates, the legal battle continues in the Second Circuit, with future Supreme Court decisions, especially in the Rahimi case.

The final outcome

This decision will potentially reshape the final outcome and impact firearm regulations and constitutional rights.

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