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John Fetterman Has Blunt Message For Democrats About 2024 Election

via CBS Pittsburgh
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Sen. John Fetterman criticized Democratic attacks on President Biden, suggesting they are more damaging than supporting Trump.

He specifically called out Minnesota Democrat Rep. Dean Phillips for his increasingly critical campaign against Biden and labeled Phillips’ criticism of Biden as “laughable.”

“Other Democrats that are now vocalizing and saying these incredibly unhelpful kind of things—why?” asked Fetterman.

“What’s your goal?” he asked. “Are you trying to diminish the president? Are you trying to strengthen Trump?” asked the Pennsylvania Democrat.

“It’s much easier and much less effort to just write a check for Trump,” he added.

Rep. Phillips reportedly increased the animosity of his campaign’s criticism of Biden after the Democrat Party chose to leave Phillips off of the early primary ballots in Florida and North Carolina.

Phillips accused the Democrat establishment of “undemocratic manipulation”, comparing the political strategy to what happens in Iran.

Rep. Phillips told reporters, “If [Biden] wasn’t [a threat to democracy], he would say something about what happened in Florida.”

“How can you, the president of the United States, condemn the former president who was clearly a dangerous man, and do what he did in New Hampshire and allow what’s happening in Florida?”

Rep. Phillips was not always this critical of Biden.

“I’m here to celebrate the president. I do not have anything but admiration for the president,” said Rep. Phillips only three months ago.

These remarks come as Fetterman is an ardent supporter of Biden’s 2024 campaign.

Fetterman also chided California Governor Gavin Newsom for seemingly running a quiet campaign against Biden.

At a dinner, Fetterman reportedly said that two other Democrats were running against Biden.

“One is a congressman from Minnesota, the other is the governor of California, but only one has the guts to announce it,” Fetterman told the crowd.

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