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Giant Venomous Flying Spiders Invading New York, Spreading Up East Coast

via Fox
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An invasive species of large spider known as the Joro spider is expected to soon reach the New York City area.

Native to East Asia, the Joro first appeared in the U.S. in 2010 and has since spread across the Southeast.

Distinguishable by their yellow and grey coloring, female Joro spiders can have 4-inch leg spans.

Notably, they are capable of using silk to parachute through the air -spinning webs into balloon-like shapes that catch winds.

While venomous, Joro bites are not lethal to humans or pets.

After successfully establishing itself across multiple Southern states, experts say the Joro spider’s next target is New York and surrounding areas, as the climate is suitable.

City infrastructure like telephone poles provide ideal habitats, similar to how Spider-Man travels in stories.

Their impending arrival is sparking concerns among local residents unaccustomed to large, airborne spiders invading the skies.

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