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U.S. Navy Commander: ‘Russian, Chinese’ Nationals Try To Enter Bases Every Week

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The Commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, Admiral Daryl Caudle, expressed concern about foreign nationals frequently attempting to access sensitive U.S. Navy bases.

In an interview, he said foreign nationals are stopped at gates trying to enter bases an average of two to three times per week.

Often posing as students or enthusiasts wanting to see ships, these individuals are turned away once their lack of authorization is clear.

While usually having passports, their true motives are difficult to discern.

“Well, you know, this thing of our military bases getting penetrated by foreign nationals is happening more and more,” Caudle said. “This is something we see probably two or three times a week, where we’re stopping these folks at the gate.”

“And usually the cover story is ‘I’m a student, you know, I’m here, I’m an enthusiast. I want to see the ships.’ That type of thing. We have to turn them around,” he said. “And typically we get NCIS involved with those. And we get biometrics when possible. But yes, there’s been an uptick.”

“But they’re in no way shape or form authorized to be on our base,” he said. “And it’s really hard for us to tell the underlying motive for these type of cases. Wow, that’s, that’s stunning. It is. It’s got to be a concern.”

Caudle noted seeing attempts from Russian, Chinese and other foreign nationals, representing an increase in such incidents.

“This is Russian, Chinese,” he said. “Is comes from all all these different nations. We’re seeing an uptick in it.”

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