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Reform California Chairman Slams Mandate To Hire Illegal Immigrants

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Carl DeMaio

Carl DeMaio, the Chairman of Reform California, strongly criticizes a proposed assembly bill by California State Democrats.

University of California

The bill aims to mandate the University of California system to recruit illegal immigrants for publicly funded state positions.

Outrageous proposals

“I have seen a lot of outrageous proposals from California Democrat politicians, bending over backwards to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get in and to get taxpayer benefits. But this one absolutely tops the list of insane ideas,” DeMaio told Fox News Digital.

Assembly Bill 2586

Assembly Bill 2586, if approved, would allocate state government positions funded by taxpayers for illegal immigrants.

The bill explicitly states

DeMaio highlighted that the bill explicitly states that individuals without US work authorization, namely illegal immigrants, would be allowed to apply for and secure positions within state government-operated universities financed by taxpayer money.

Illegal immigrants

“By passing a law to mandate that illegal immigrants be hired for taxpayer-funded jobs in state government, California Democrats are not only making our border crisis worse, they are openly violating federal employment laws that prohibit the hiring of illegal immigrants!” DeMaio said.

DeMaio emphasized

DeMaio emphasized that the bill directs the University of California system, the largest state government agency in California that oversees colleges and universities, to employ illegal immigrants. This action is considered a violation of federal employment regulations.

Managers of state

“They are telling the managers of state government to knowingly break federal employment law, which is very clear, that it is against federal law for an employer to knowingly hire someone in this country that’s not authorized to work. And these illegal immigrants are not authorized to work,” DeMaio explained.

Further added

He further added that even with this knowledge, the state government has opted to intentionally defy the law. He mentioned that, as per university legal experts, this not only exposes the hiring manager to potential federal charges but also places the illegal immigrant at risk of legal consequences.

This is insane

“This is insane. It’s offensive. Taxpayers should not be giving state government jobs to illegal immigrants in the state of California. On top of all the welfare benefits and all the other goodies that are being given out,” DeMaio said.

The regents

DeMaio highlighted that both the University of California board, including the regents, and the University of California system, governed by a board of directors appointed by the governor, distanced themselves from this idea a year ago. This decision was based on advice from university lawyers who warned that the bill would lead to legal complications.

A violation

“It’s a violation of federal law, an open and shut case. And because the UC board of directors chose not to implement this policy, now, California politicians in the state legislature want to mandate it by passing this law,” DeMaio explained.

DeMaio stressed

DeMaio stressed that this legislation has been expedited through the process. It swiftly cleared the Assembly with a decisive 59-4 vote.

Pending action

Currently, it is pending action in the state Senate, and DeMaio is concerned that it will be approved and enforced as law.

Bad policies

He mentioned that it resembles numerous other “bad policies that incentivize illegal immigration in California.”

A problem

“It’s a problem on two fronts. First, it’s offensive to be giving taxpayer-funded state government jobs to illegal immigrants in violation of federal law, putting everybody at legal jeopardy,” DeMaio said.

California politicians

“But second, let’s be very clear that California politicians are the marketing boosters for human trafficking. They are giving these goodies out whether it’s free health care at taxpayer expense or the sanctuary state law or these government jobs. They’re putting a whole bunch of goodies on the table, at taxpayer expense, that the human traffickers use to induce and incentivize illegal immigration across the California-Mexico border.”

Not limited to California

DeMaio pointed out that this issue is not limited to California alone; it is a problem that affects the entire nation.

National issue

“This is a national issue because if California continues to dangle carrots at taxpayer expense through their state government to incentivize illegal immigration, we will never secure our border,” DeMaio said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

He commended Texas Governor Greg Abbott for “doing his job” by deploying necessary resources to strengthen the border between Texas and Mexico. DeMaio highlighted that due to Abbott’s effective handling of the border crisis in Texas, the San Diego Sector in California has now become the primary point for illegal immigrant crossings.

Illegal immigrant

DeMaio mentioned that California has now taken the lead in illegal immigrant crossings for the first time since 1999. He explained that this shift is a result of Texas enhancing security measures at its border, diverting the influx of illegal immigration towards California.

Felt nationally

“So even if we do get President Trump back in the Oval Office, even if we do change federal policy at the border, if California politicians continue to roll out a red carpet and give taxpayer funded benefits and taxpayer funded jobs to illegal immigrants, we are going to still have a border crisis, and that will be an impact that will be felt nationally,” DeMaio said.

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