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Cruz: ‘This Is the Most Blatant Case of Election Interference’ in History

via FOX
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On Hannity, Senator Ted Cruz harshly criticized New York’s prosecution of Donald Trump, saying the presiding judge Juan Merchan acted as if the Constitution did not apply in New York.

Cruz said it was clear the judge committed reversible error with nonsensical jury instructions, and the whole trial has been a partisan “kangaroo court” aimed at Trump politically by a biased prosecutor.

“Well, listen, Sean, I’ve got good news and bad news,” Cruz said. “The good news is the exchange you were just having with Jonathan Turley is exactly right. We now know to a virtual certainty that no conviction will be upheld on appeal. That the judge today committed I think clear reversible error. These jury instructions were nonsense.”

Cruz noted precedent requires jury unanimity on all elements of a crime, but the judge said it did not matter in New York as the Constitution does not apply there.

Cruz asserted nobody cares the conviction will be reversed, as the goal is the press conference and claims of convicting Trump, interfering in the upcoming November election.

“Now, here’s the bad news. The bad news is this has been a kangaroo court from the beginning. This is a wildly partisan prosecutor who hates Donald Trump, who came with a political objective of going after Donald Trump and we now know from these jury instructions that this judge is every bit the partisan that the prosecutor is.”

“And he knows this is a reversible error,” Cruz added. “As you noted, Ramos versus Louisiana clearly held in 2020 that every element of the crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, must be unanimous by the jury and yet this judge says it doesn’t matter, not in New York. The Constitution does not apply in New York, which means if we get a conviction, it will be reversed on appeal, but the judge doesn’t care.”

Cruz called it the “most blatant case of election interference” in history.

“The prosecutor doesn’t care,” he added. “Nobody cares because this is not about law. This is not about criminal justice. This is about politics. This is all about the press conference, the national address that Joe Biden has scheduled to give from the White House where he gloats, we’ve now convicted Donald Trump. This is all about November. We are watching election interference. This is the most blatant case of election interference that we’ve ever seen in our country’s history.”

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