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Bev Turner Celebrates Fauci’s Grilling: ‘It Was Joyous!’

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Bev Turner

Bev Turner celebrated Dr. Anthony Fauci facing tough questioning during the congressional hearing, with Republican lawmakers grilling him over his pandemic response involvement.

Expressed content

Fauci denounced accusations of concealing Covid origin details as “simply preposterous.” Bev expressed content with the thorough examination of the retired doctor during an interview.

Absolute kicking

“He got an absolute kicking yesterday”, she said. “It was a full two and a half hours and I watched it. It was joyous for me, it was therapy.”

People will see this man

“A lot of people will see this man as being responsible for pushing for masking of children at school and vaccine mandates,” she added.

Jennifer Ewing

Jennifer Ewing, the spokesperson for Republican Overseas UK, appeared on GB News alongside Bev to share her insights on the notable moments from the significant questioning session.

The real star

“The real star I thought was the Republican Congressman from Georgia, Rich McCormick”, she said.

Medical doctor

“He is a medical doctor himself who treated patients throughout the pandemic. They played something Fauci they said to the effect of, ‘it is proven that when we make people’s lives difficult, they will give up their ideological B.S and get vaccinated’.

Science and masking

“He basically said the six-feet rule had no science and masking children the same. They absolutely destroyed faith in America’s public health institutions.”

Acclaim and harsh backlash

Fauci has received both acclaim and harsh backlash for being the prominent figure in leading the US’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Questioned about the source

He was questioned about the source of the virus and said that he “keeps an open mind” about the issue.

Democratic lawmakers

Democratic lawmakers on the subcommittee came to Fauci’s defense, implying that the claims made by Republicans were irresponsible.

Four years

“Over the past four years you have been personally targeted by extreme narratives of the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and the US governments response to it,” Democrat Representative Raul Ruiz said.

Chinese laboratory

According to a report that was declassified last year, US intelligence agencies did not uncover any direct proof that the virus originated from a Chinese laboratory.

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