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Franklin Graham Calls Out ‘Wokeness’ of Boy Scouts, Offers New Alternative

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Scouting America

The Boy Scouts of America’s decision to rebrand as “Scouting America” by February 8, 2025, has sparked mixed reactions.

President Krone

The organization’s President, Roger A. Krone, highlighted the continuity of the core mission to prepare young individuals for life despite the name change.


The rebranding initiative intends to enhance inclusivity and create a welcoming environment for all participants in Scouting.

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, the head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, openly expressed his dismay regarding the decision made by the Boy Scouts of America.

Core principles

In a Facebook post critiquing the announcement, Graham highlighted the organization’s perceived deviation from its core principles.


He emphasized the importance of remaining committed to God’s calling rather than succumbing to trends like “wokeness.”

Trail Life

Additionally, Graham noted that BSA’s emphasis on inclusivity is causing a rift among parents, leading many to seek alternative options such as Trail Life USA, a Christ-centered alternative that has gained popularity among families seeking a different approach.

Character development

Trail Life USA, established in 2013 as a Christian-oriented organization, focuses on character development for boys aged 5-17.

Three stages

The program consists of three stages – “Woodlands Trail,” “Navigators,” and “Adventurers” – each targeting specific age groups to instill essential skills and values.


Activities in the stages aim to cultivate character, deepen faith, enhance practical abilities, and promote responsibility through outdoor experiences.

Developmental stages

The organization’s goal is to nurture responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens by guiding participants through these structured developmental stages.


This stage presents more demanding challenges intended to foster growth in wisdom and faith, encouraging participants to mature and assume leadership roles within the troop. “Adventurers” are tasked with organizing and leading outdoor activities and substantial projects, mentoring their peers in the process.

Involving fathers

Moreover, Trail Life places importance on involving fathers in their sons’ journey through the program. During the transition ceremony from Woodlands Trail to Navigators, the new Navigator receives his official staff, symbolizing his progression, from his father or a significant mentor.


Trail Life embodies an opportunity for fathers and sons to strengthen their bond, deepen their Christian beliefs, and equip themselves to nurture a future generation of principled leaders.

Christian parents

Trail Life’s appeal to Christian parents is rooted in its focus on instilling Christian values, contrasting with the evolving direction of the Boy Scouts.

Seeking faith

While both prioritize character development, Trail Life’s commitment to Christian principles resonates with families seeking a faith-based approach.


Concerns arise over the Boy Scouts’ shift, causing a disconnect with their traditional audience.

Secure environments

Parents seek non-political, secure environments for skill development, expressing reservations about gender integration impacting tailored instruction and individual growth.

Gender differences

This has led to a consideration of alternatives like Trail Life that acknowledge and respect inherent gender differences.

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