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Georgia Rep. Plays Audio of Fauci Pushing to Get People Vaccinated

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Rich McCormick

Georgia’s Republican Representative, Rich McCormick, shared audio recordings of Dr. Anthony Fauci supporting various initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fauci provided testimony

During a hearing, Fauci provided testimony to the House Oversight Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. The audio clip was sourced from an interview for the audiobook “Fauci,” which was published in October 2020.

Encouraging vaccination

Fauci was encouraging vaccination by making things “difficult” for individuals who choose not to get vaccinated, McCormick argued.

Fauci praised strategies

In the interview, Fauci praised strategies aimed at persuading vaccine skeptics to “lose their ideological [expletive].”

People feel empowered

“Once people feel empowered and protected legally, you are going to have schools, universities and colleges are going to say, ‘You want to come to this college buddy, you’re going to get vaccinated, lady, you’re going to get vaccinated,’” Fauci said during an interview.

Big corporations

“Big corporations like Amazon and Facebook, and all those others, are going to say ‘You want to work for us, get vaccinated,’ and it’s proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit and they get vaccinated.”

McCormick questioned Fauci

McCormick questioned Fauci about his opinion on whether all reasons for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine were based on “ideological [expletive],” to which Fauci disagreed and clarified “that’s not what [he] was referring to.”

Enforced by Disney

Following that, McCormick brought up the testimony of ex-ESPN employee Allison Williams, who stepped down after requesting an exemption from a COVID-19 vaccine mandate enforced by Disney, the parent company of ESPN.

Ability to work

“You affected people’s ability to work, travel, be educated, to actually flourish in America, to self-determine, as well as God given rights,” McCormick said.

Shame on you

“Shame on you. Dr. Fauci, you have become Dr. Fear. Americans do not hate science, I don’t hate science. The American people hate having their freedoms taken from them,” McCormick, continued.

Inspired and created fear

“You inspired and created fear through mask mandates, school closures, vaccine mandates that have destroyed the American people’s trust in our public health institutions. This fear you created will continue to have ripple effects over generations to come.”

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