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Chaos Sparked As Pro-Gaza Mob Blocks Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge

Activists supporting Gaza caused disruption on Tower Bridge by blocking traffic and igniting red and green flares in a protest concerning the Palestinian conflict.

Law enforcement

Participants from the Youth Demand campaign group occupied the road while law enforcement attempted to manage the demonstration at the renowned landmark on a Saturday afternoon.


Footage captured protesters waving Palestine flags, donning keffiyehs as a symbol of solidarity with the region, chanting, and dancing in the midst of the street while motorists honked their horns in response.

Peace and unity

Demonstrators on Tower Bridge chanted for peace and unity, with the Metropolitan Police urging their departure without arrests.

Traffic disruption

The police managed a group supporting Palestine causing traffic disruption and redirected them to the sidewalk with restrictions to prevent further road entry. Simultaneously, Just Stop Oil activists held multiple London protests on the day.


Some of them were arrested by law enforcement during a sit-in protest near Waterloo Station. These protests were staged in response to a march in the city against “two-tier” policing, led by Tommy Robinson, where several individuals were also detained.

London Eye

Furthermore, pro-Gaza activists gathered at Jubilee Gardens near the London Eye before some of them moved to block traffic on York Road, resulting in a series of tumultuous arrests.

Metropolitan Police

London’s Metropolitan Police commented on X, formerly known as Twitter, regarding the protesters, said, they ‘were already subject to conditions not to leave the pavement and a number of them have been arrested for breaching those conditions.’

Refuse to move

Youth Demand stated their plans to conduct both a march and a sit-in protest. They affirmed that if asked by the police to relocate, they would stand firm and refuse to move.


‘We must have the courage to say ‘NOT IN OUR NAMES’ and mean it,’ the statement read.


Images captured officers forcibly removing demonstrators from the streets during a disorderly protest in central London.


The protest, following a gathering of Tommy Robinson supporters, involved activists clashing with law enforcement. Robinson called for the Met Police chief’s resignation, criticizing London’s policing.


Metropolitan Police identified individuals linked to football violence and anti-lockdown protests. Counter-demonstrations by Stand Up To Racism in Whitehall featured chants against fascism and the far-right.


In a statement, Stand Up To Racism expressed solidarity among its members to resist efforts aimed at creating division. Barricades were erected to maintain separation between the square and Whitehall, preventing clashes between opposing groups.

Culture and values

A substantial crowd assembled to watch Tommy Robinson’s documentary, where he aired grievances against the police. The far-right figure described the event as a celebration of “our culture and values,” while his Urban Scoop ‘independent journalism’ platform promoted it as a ‘peaceful pro-British event’.

Conspiracy theorists

During the procession, Robinson led supporters carrying a banner featuring Sadiq Khan’s face with a controversial slogan. Videos from conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine campaigners were shared during the event.


Some protesters were associated with violence and hooligan groups, with mentions of intoxicated individuals by the Metropolitan Police.

British identity

Robinson received applause and cheers in Parliament Square, expressing pride in British identity and emphasizing freedom of speech as paramount.

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