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Amid Low Viewership, Motion Picture Academy Launches $500M Fundraiser

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Academy Awards

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has launched a $500 million global fundraising campaign to reach its goal by the 100th Academy Awards in 2028.

This initiative

This initiative comes in light of the underwhelming response to the 2024 Oscars and a reported decline in TV viewership of the awards ceremony.

The campaign

The campaign aims to secure funding for the future, despite the hashtag “OscarsSoBroke” not yet gaining significant traction.

Academy prepares

As the Academy prepares to renegotiate its broadcast contract with ABC, it confronts the reality of diminishing viewership compared to previous years.

This year

This year, the show garnered around 21 million viewers, a notable decline from the approximately 40 million viewers it attracted a decade ago.

Academy 100

Named Academy 100, the “global revenue diversification and outreach campaign” aims to expand the Academy’s international influence and engagement, as highlighted by Academy CEO Bill Kramer.

Kramer stressed

Emphasizing the Academy’s forthcoming centennial milestone, Kramer stressed the importance of maintaining its position as a leading figure within the global film community.

Expressing gratitude

Expressing gratitude to supporters like Rolex and other partners, Kramer underscored the necessity for a robust and diverse foundation of backing to sustain the Academy’s operations.

Various programs

Funds raised through the initiative will be allocated towards various programs, including those that acknowledge excellence in cinematic artistry, preserve film history, facilitate top-tier film exhibitions, screenings, and publications, mentor and educate future diverse film talents, and create compelling digital content.

Conducted in Rome

Conducted in Rome, the event aimed to showcase the Academy’s overarching global objectives and aspirations through its campaign, as reported by the Associated Press.

USA Today

Kelly Lawler, in her piece for USA Today, highlighted the lackluster start of the 2024 show, noting that it began five minutes behind schedule and failed to captivate viewers thereafter.

Oscar broadcast

Describing the Oscar broadcast as underwhelming and devoid of the grandeur expected from such a significant event, Lawler expressed disappointment in its perceived insignificance and skippable nature.

Lack of excitement

Lawler criticized the lack of excitement and relevance in the nominated films at the Oscars, noting the show’s dearth of unique and engaging content.

The predictability

She highlighted the predictability and monotony of the broadcast, suggesting that it could have been part of any past awards show.

The jokes

Lawler found the jokes, award recipients, segments, and speeches unremarkable and dull.

Lackluster show

While noting a preference for a lackluster show over a disastrous one, she stressed the necessity for awards shows to enhance their appeal amid declining viewership by delivering compelling entertainment and engaging audiences effectively.

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