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16 Nuns Denounce Pope Francis In Historic Break From Church

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Catholic Church

Sixteen Spanish nuns have made a decision to separate from the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has made a number of controversial decisions, including allowing for the blessing of same-sex couples in church.


Back in February, a group of 90 Catholic clergymen and scholars sent a letter to all Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church. The letter urged resistance against a document endorsed by the pope permitting priests to bless same-sex couples.

Spanish nuns

A group of 16 Spanish nuns, part of the Franciscan Order of Saint Clare, led by Sister Isabel of the Trinity, declared separation from Catholic authorities due to discontent with Pope Francis’ leadership.


They criticized the silence of spiritual leaders, feeling abandoned and exposed.


The nuns highlighted the need for clear doctrine in turbulent times, expressing frustration with contradictory and ambiguous statements from the papacy, amidst conservative backlash against Francis for his stance on migrants at the U.S.-Mexican border.


“During this time the sisters, each in her own style, way and rhythm, have been contemplating a question, a doubt about the one who steers the Barque of Peter, and his closest collaborators. A doubt which, in time, became SCANDAL.”

Sister Isabel

Sister Isabel accused the Vatican of hindering the sale of an unoccupied monastery, intended to fund a new one, to manipulate conservative communities.

Legitimate bishop

The group now falls under the authority of Sánchez-Franco, recognized as a “legitimate bishop” despite excommunication.

Derogatory labels

She cautioned against potential branding as heretics or schismatics, advising against being misled by derogatory labels.


Archbishop Mario Iceta of Burgos, who oversaw the 16 nuns, expressed disbelief when he learned of their departure.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sherry Connolly

    May 28, 2024 at 6:07 pm

    We are supposed to follow our Pope when it comes to faith and moral issues, but DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW HIS SILLINESS….to his liberal mistakes. He does not follow the Bible when it comes to same sex people, has ignored history and science about climate issues, and is obtuse when it comes to migrants. Let him admit everyone into Vatican City, even the terrorists who would gladly murder him. Let’s hope the Magisterium does a better job next time.
    A long time Catholic and also never an admirer of Francis as our Pope.

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