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Chaos In America Is Stemming from Ivy League | Opinion

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Under fire

The Ivy League is under fire for contributing to social and political turmoil and failing to educate young people.


The rise in antisemitism, particularly prominent in universities, is most concerning at Ivy League institutions like Penn and Harvard.

Universities failed

Shockingly, the presidents of these universities failed to acknowledge that advocating for the genocide of Jews goes against their student codes of conduct.

Academic excellence

The Ivy League’s pretentious self-importance masks a decline in standards, where academic excellence is disregarded in favor of subjective opinions and emotions.

Colorado Supreme Court

Making matters even worse, three Ivy League law graduates on the Colorado Supreme Court played a major role in the decision to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot, labeling him as an insurrectionist despite the absence of charges.

Prestigious Ivy League

Furthermore, the prestigious Ivy League is witnessing an alarming decline in academic integrity. Harvard President Claudine Gay, who recently downplayed antisemitism on campus, has been revealed as a repeated plagiarist.


The prevalence of plagiarism by a university president fixated on identity politics, flawed legal judgments by law school graduates, and widespread antisemitism among students who see themselves as victims of Jews defending against terrorism are all symptoms of this decay.

Democratic norms

This behavior not only undermines democratic norms but also contributes to the deterioration of the legal system, marking another troubling episode in the Ivy League’s questionable influence.

Historical accomplishments

The Ivy League’s reputation now rests on historical accomplishments that it no longer upholds, relying instead on its connections to wealth and influence.

Moral authority

In its pursuit of moral authority, the Ivy League has compromised its integrity by excusing terrorist acts and antisemitic sentiments among its members.

Prestigious status

It has forsaken meritocracy in favor of mediocrity while attempting to maintain the appearance of its prestigious status. This disconnect between perception and reality is causing significant harm to the country.

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