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Board Makes New Move Against Scandal-Ridden ‘Supermayor’ Tiffany Henyard

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Small town in Chicago

In a new development in the continuing story in Dolton, a small town in Chicago, the board members have taken action.

Mayor Tiffany Henyard

According to Fox 32 Chicago, the board in Dolton selected a mayor pro tempore on Monday to step in if Mayor Tiffany Henyard declines to fulfill her responsibilities.

Trustee Jason House

Trustee Jason House was appointed as the mayor pro tempore during a special meeting.

Village affairs

This role allows him to handle village affairs, including approving business matters and managing payments, in the event of Henyard’s absence.


Tiffany Henyard, who refers to herself as the “supermayor” of Dolton and is also the Thornton Township Supervisor, has been under scrutiny for alleged corruption.

National attention

This has brought national attention to the small town with a population of approximately 21,500.


Residents of Dolton have demanded Henyard’s resignation, even expressing their disapproval by booing her at the most recent Village Board gathering she attended.


The board has accused Henyard of neglecting crucial village affairs, prompting them to take action to ensure the smooth operation of Dolton and the provision of services to residents.

Special meetings

According to WGN, they claim that Henyard has been absent from 25 special meetings and has been unwilling to include certain business matters on the agenda for the village’s regular meetings.

Signature on deck

“We’re just really trying to make sure that if something critical comes up, that there’s a signature on deck that can move it forward,” House reportedly stated, as per the media source.

Refusal or inability

“This is not a replacement. This ordinance is strictly in the refusal or inability for the mayor to do her duties, an appointed senior trustee to step in and make sure the necessary documents are signed and business moves forward,” House said during a trustee meeting on Monday evening, as outlined by Fox 32.

Veto power

As per a report, it is anticipated that Henyard will use her veto power to oppose the recent action.

Spending practices

Henyard has already vetoed the board’s proposal to initiate a federal inquiry into the alleged financial misconduct. Additionally, she vetoed their decision to hire former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to lead a special investigation into her spending practices. Although Lightfoot was to be compensated at a rate of $400 per hour for collecting information on Henyard’s financial management, Henyard declined to approve the payment.

Worst mayor in America

Critics have labeled Henyard as the “worst mayor in America” due to various allegations, including misusing police raids and using public funds for personal indulgences in Las Vegas.


Recently, she has faced criticism for an alleged sexual assault involving one of her associates during the Vegas trip. The accuser claims they were terminated after speaking up. Moreover, Henyard’s cancer charity is under scrutiny.

Bankruptcy fraud

The initial subpoena requested employment records, personnel files, and disciplinary reports for 25 Dolton employees, which included three police officers and Keith Freeman, the village administrator and Henyard’s chief assistant. Freeman was charged with bankruptcy fraud on Monday.


In February, reports emerged that the FBI was conducting an investigation into the mayor following statements from six individuals who disclosed information about her alleged misconduct. These individuals included business owners, a former village employee, and possibly public officials.

Federal subpoenas

In a separate development, the FBI issued two federal subpoenas as part of an investigation, although Henyard herself was not served with them.

Seeking records

The second subpoena was specifically directed at Freeman, seeking records related to all companies linked to him and any potential connections to the village.


Fox News Digital reached out to Henyard’s office for comment but did not receive an immediate response.


In the midst of her controversies, Henyard has previously invoked racial politics, stating in a past meeting that “Y’all got false narratives out there, and y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves. Y’all Black. Y’all are Black! And y’all sitting up here beating and attacking on a Black woman that’s in power. Y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves.”

Lavish lifestyle

According to an earlier report by Fox News Digital, Henyard has been living a lavish lifestyle with a total income close to $300,000, exceeding that of the state’s governor. This extravagant living includes regular visits to beauty vendors, a stark contrast to the town’s 23,000 residents with a median income of $24,000.

Eccentric behavior

Described as someone who believes they were chosen by God and who had a meeting with President Biden in January, the mayor has been known to partake in such eccentric behavior that it resembles a scenario straight out of a “Parks and Rec” episode in real life.

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