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Billionaire Columbia Alum Delivers Massive Blow to Protesters: ‘Organized Anarchy’

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Leon Cooperman

Leon Cooperman, a billionaire and Columbia University alum, is reiterating his criticism of the anti-Israel protests at his alma mater and other universities.

Organized anarchy

He now describes the situation as “organized anarchy,” emphasizing the escalation of the protests.

Claman Countdown

Cooperman informed Liz Claman on “The Claman Countdown” in October, after the first protests sparked by the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, that “these kids at the colleges have [expletive] for brains.”


The investor mentioned that his wife, with whom he has been married for 59 years, had expressed disapproval of his comments about the demonstrators during the fall. “I would repeat that — it’s worse, now. You know, this is organized anarchy, organized anarchy. Anarchy is a state of disorder, a refusal to recognize authority. These kids don’t get it.”

Columbia Business

The Columbia Business School graduate and significant donor mentioned to Claman in October that he had contributed approximately $50 million to the university over time.


However, he had paused his donations at that moment. Recently, he clarified that he would adjust his approach and confirmed that he was not completely halting his support for the school.

No tax

“In the past I gave money without direction to the university, and my understanding was the university took a percentage of what you gave to the business school as a tax, and I specify all my future giving will be directly to the business school and no tax,” Cooperman said.

Eliminate hate

“I think that they recognize the problem now, and it’s their responsibility to make the campus safe for all students, to eliminate hate and bigotry against all groups — not just Israelis, not just Jews.”

professional demonstrators

Cooperman noted that the protesters can be categorized into two groups: students and “professional demonstrators” who wear masks and engage in disruptive behavior.


He mentioned that it seems Columbia University’s administrators are now taking steps to address the issue.

Better late than never

“I think in the end, it’s better late than never,” he told Claman. “I think the administration at Columbia recognize the problem now and they’re doing what has to be done.”


The protests at Columbia University have received significant media coverage due to conflicts between protesters and law enforcement, as well as the occupation of a campus building by demonstrators.

Commencement ceremony

Recently, the university revealed that it was canceling its upcoming main commencement ceremony scheduled for later this month due to security worries arising from the campus unrest.

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