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Jack Smith Accused of Concealing Evidence, Colluding With Biden Admin

via WGN
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Donald Trump’s lawyers alleged that special counsel Jack Smith concealed evidence of collaboration with the Biden administration in the case concerning Trump’s handling of classified documents.

They claim that redacted documents from a FOIA request reveal politically motivated efforts by operatives in the Biden administration and the National Archives and Records Administration to push the investigation.

Trump’s lawyers claimed there are “politically motivated operatives in the Biden administration and the National Archives and Records Administration.”

The former president’s lawyers said all evidence “should have been disclosed by the [special counsel’s] Office, in unredacted form, at the outset of the case.”

“The Special Counsel’s Office has disregarded basic discovery obligations and DOJ policies in an effort to support the Biden administration’s egregious efforts to weaponize the criminal justice system in pursuit of an objective that President Biden cannot achieve on the campaign trail: slowing down President Trump’s leading campaign in the 2024 presidential election,” Trump’s lawyers argued.

Trump’s lawyers argue that the special counsel’s office disregarded discovery obligations and DOJ policies to support Biden’s alleged efforts to hinder Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign.

“The patent absurdity of the Office’s efforts is illustrated by the fact that, while working toward a historic landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses yesterday, President Trump was also preparing to bring to Your Honor’s attention today the record of misrepresentations and discovery violations that have marred this case from the outset and illustrate that the Office has disregarded fundamental fairness and its legal obligations in favor of partisan election interference,” they continued.

The lawyers said the FOIA request, “coupled with other evidence scattered throughout more than 1.2 million pages of discovery, reflect close participation in the investigation by NARA and Biden Administration components such as the White House Counsel’s Office, as well as senior officials at DOJ and FBI.”

They also mentioned plans to dispute contentions about Mar-a-Lago’s security at trial.

Trump’s lawyers also warned that they will “dispute at trial the contentions by the Special Counsel’s Office that Mar-a-Lago was not secure and that there was a risk that materials stored at those premises could be compromised.”

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