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Famed fitness trainer calls out transgender athletes

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Jillian Michaels


Renowned fitness trainer Jillian Michaels voiced her support for equity in women’s sports following a protest by middle school students in West Virginia against a fellow competitor who is a biological male.



Michaels emphasized that the evidence backing the superiority of men’s strength over women’s is “irrefutable” during “Fox & Friends,” even after considering the effects of cross-sex hormone therapy.



“You’ve got two competing goals in sports. … One is inclusion, which everybody can understand and get on board with. However, the second goal that’s in direct opposition with inclusion in this instance is going to be a fair competition,” Michaels made the statement on Tuesday.



“And if that’s your priority, if your overriding priority is going to be fairness over inclusion, you’ve got to turn to the data, and the data irrefutably shows that biological males are 10 to 30% stronger, faster, have better endurance, better aerobic capacity across the board.”

Significant margin


During the Harrison County Championships track meet last week, at least five middle school girls opted out of competing after a transgender female secured victory in the shot put event by a significant margin, as reported by the New York Post.



Despite the protest from five girls of a rival school who refused to participate, the 13-year-old transgender athlete emerged as the winner.



This demonstration follows a federal appeals court decision that transgender girls must not face exclusion from competing in West Virginia.

Puberty blockers


“If we defer to the studies, and I sent several to your producers … they show that even on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, the decrease in physical performance is, quote, trivial. That’s what the data says,” Michaels said.



“And to give you an example, if you look at a biological male transgender female with grip strength in conjunction with a biological female transgender male – OK, so both of them are on blockers and cross-sex hormones – the transgender female, the biological male’s grip strength was 17% greater than the female on testosterone and puberty blockers,” she continued.



The eighth-grade student is said to be using puberty blockers and has identified as female for an extended period.

Charly Arnolt


Charly Arnolt, host of OutKick, commended the girls for their decision not to participate, stating that their stand is crucial for initiating change and safeguarding fairness in women’s sports.



“It’s really upsetting that these middle school girls have to forfeit their opportunities in order to take a stand,” Arnolt said earlier during “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “That takes a lot of courage, especially at that age, but they’re doing this for the greater good. It’s not just for themselves.”

Transgender athletes


“These girls decided, ‘You know what? We want to make sure that people are paying attention.’ This is the only way and the only way for … the government to really start paying attention, and especially that federal appeals court that just struck down the law in West Virginia that bans transgender athletes from competing in female sports,” she continued.



“It’s the only way they’re going to start saying, ‘OK, maybe we are doing something incorrectly here.’”

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