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NYC Mayor Eric Adams clarifies sanctuary city law for migrants

via CBS
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams discussed changing sanctuary city laws, emphasizing not deporting those who break the law unless they are violent, repeated offenders.

He highlighted the need to apprehend such individuals, prosecute them, and deport them after serving their time to prevent further crimes.

“I want to be clear that the goal is not to deport someone who breaks the law. You just take an apple off an apple stand. That’s breaking the law, no one is calling for them to be deported. I am talking about violent, repeated offenders. Our job is to apprehend them, the prosecutor’s job is to prosecute,” Adams said.

“And I believe the federal government’s job is to deport them after they serve their time here, because if you don’t have them serve their time, they go back out and do the crimes again. It doesn’t matter if you’re a migrant or asylum seeker or you’re long term New Yorkers, you should not victimize, violently, New Yorkers in this city,” he said.

Adams aims to protect New Yorkers, including migrants and asylum seekers, from violent individuals and is exploring ways to remove dangerous offenders from the streets.

“And I stand by that, and we’re going to look at what authority we have to do anything to look at those dangerous individuals who are really harming also migrants and asylum seekers. The overwhelming number of migrants and asylum seekers that are here are trying to take that next step on the journey in America, but there’s a small number that are violent, and I don’t believe they should have the right to stay in our city after they serve their time,” Adams said.

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