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Riley Gaines Slams Governor After Girls Injured By Transgender Athlete

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Riley Gaines


Riley Gaines, a women’s rights advocate, criticized Democratic Governor Maura Healey of Massachusetts for a troubling incident involving a transgender male athlete.

Caught on video


According to a report by the Daily Mail, the athlete was caught on video injuring female players during a basketball game in February.

Women’s teams


It was also disclosed that the athlete had competed in various other sports on women’s teams and had reportedly made inappropriate remarks to girls in the locker room while they were changing.

Lazuli Clark


Lazuli Clark, a student at Kipp Academy known for her height of over six feet, has participated in women’s divisions in various sports including basketball, rowing, volleyball, track & field, and tae kwon do.



As reported by Quillette, Lazuli was reportedly suspended from the women’s rowing team at a private club for making inappropriate comments towards another female student in the locker room.

October 12, 2022


The incident was detailed in a letter dated October 12, 2022, from 15 parents to the United States Rowing Association, where it was mentioned that Lazuli initially competed poorly in the men’s team before joining the women’s team without adhering to the dress code.

Locker room incident


Quillette reported that following the locker room incident, the student was reported to the U.S. Center for SafeSport by team officials, leading to Lazuli Clark being banned from participating in rowing for both teams.

Preferred pronouns


“Stop letting these pervs hide behind preferred pronouns and blurred out images,” Gaines responded.

Name and shame


“This photo was proudly posted by the school therefore it’s public domain. Name and shame them. Lazuli Clark is a man that sexually harassed women,” Gaines responded.

Sick fetish


“These girls were forced to participate in his sick fetish at the hands of @MassGovernor,” she said.

Absence of parents


Gaines then questioned the absence of parents, especially fathers, in this situation, implying that they should be advocating for their daughters against institutions, schools, and states that were permitting biological males to dominate women’s sports.

Transgender participation


“Where are the dads of these girls?” Gaines asked.Opponents of unrestricted transgender participation in certain sports express concerns about maintaining a level playing field. They argue that biological differences between males and females, such as muscle mass and bone density, can provide a competitive advantage in some athletic events, potentially impacting the fairness of competition.

Inclusive policies


Various sports organizations and governing bodies have grappled with the challenge of developing inclusive policies while addressing fairness concerns.

Revised rules


Many have revised their rules and regulations to accommodate transgender athletes, often with specific eligibility criteria related to hormone levels or undergoing gender transition procedures.

Enacting laws


The debate has also extended into legal and legislative arenas, with some states and countries considering or enacting laws that restrict transgender individuals from competing in sports that align with their gender identity.



These measures have ignited further controversy and legal challenges, underscoring the complexity of balancing inclusion and fairness in athletic competition.

Transgender athletes


The controversy surrounding transgender athletes underscores the necessity of informed and respectful dialogue. It is crucial for stakeholders to engage in constructive conversations that consider the diverse perspectives, experiences, and rights of all individuals involved.



  1. Kim D McDaniel

    April 28, 2024 at 2:39 pm

    I am appalled at what is being allowed with transgender females. These people have male bodies which are much bigger and stronger than any woman. How can this be allowed. The people who are allowing this aren’t the girls who are trying to compete in these sports. They aren’t the ones who have had their sportsmanship taken completely away. They are not the ones who work so hard and train endlessly only to have a person with the biological body of a man step in and beat them over and over. I am sorry that these people think they are in the wrong body. Sometimes you caqn’t have everything you want. Their problem has been shoved onto the girls who were born with much smaller, much less stronger physiques. That is something that they cannot overcome no matter how long and hard they train. The women are finally able to play their sports which they were not able to do up until fairly recently. Most of what they have to choose from didn’t exist when I was growing up.Things like soccer teams,basketball and many more were not a choice for me growing up. I grew up hating men because they got everything they wanted no matter what. Looks to me like they are just carrying on as usual. These transgender women have lived as men long enough to know they can still ask for and receive just about anything they want to whine about. I am only 70 years old. I would have given just about anything to have the sports to play they do now. Unfortunately after just a few short years you are already taking it away from then. What the HELL are you thinking? You should be ashamed.

  2. Neil

    April 28, 2024 at 3:52 pm

    Forget the term TRANSGENDER…. this made up excuse for cheating. Call it what it IS – FAKE WOMEN….. they are NOT REAL WOMEN….NOT REAL FEMALES…. THEY ARE UTTERLY FAKE…. They could imagine that they are a different RACE also…. it is nothing more than IMAGINATION…and really it is a kind of MENTAL ILLNESS….Some don’t really identify as this or that, but they CLAIM that they do for undeserved benefits. To allow this nonsense is to NORMALIZE MENTAL ILLNESS and DISHONESTY. This is the Suicide of a Nation to support this ridiculousness. It’s time to return to SANITY.

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