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A California woman bought a vacant lot in Hawaii and discovered a $500,000 house was built on it without her permission

Anne Reynolds
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Annaleine “Anne” Reynolds

Anne Reynolds

Annaleine “Anne” Reynolds had ambitious intentions for an empty lot she acquired in 2018. However, her plans were thwarted when a developer constructed a house on the property before she could.

Paradise Park


Reynolds purchased a one-acre parcel of land in Hawaiian Paradise Park, a subdivision with a population of nearly 15,000 on Hawaii’s Big Island, for $22,500 at a tax auction.



A residence valued at slightly over $500,000, as per Trulia, stands unoccupied on the plot. “It was so sad — I cried when I saw it,” Reynolds told Business Insider. “It didn’t look like that when I bought it.”



Residing in California, Reynolds had ambitious dreams for the property and was dismayed to learn that these aspirations would be delayed as legal matters are resolved.



However, she finds herself in the courtroom as a defendant in the case. “It feels like I did something wrong,” she said. As per authenticated documents from BI, Reynolds is facing a lawsuit from the developer, Keaau Development Partnership LLC, alleging unjust enrichment and constructive trust.



She is now engaged in a legal battle not only to retain ownership of her land but also to dismantle the house on it and restore the natural vegetation.

Reserve space


The question arises: how did such an oversight occur? Initially, Reynolds intended to construct a residence for her two children on the property and reserve space for hosting women’s retreats.



As an energy healer and relationship coach, Reynolds viewed the ideal piece of land as more than just a picturesque setting; it symbolized tranquility and inspiration.

Zodiac sign


“It needs to align with me with my zodiac sign, basically,” she said. “Also, the position of the land in relation to the stars and north, south, east, and west coordinates, the sun rising and setting — all these things go into consideration.”

Four decades


Different perspectives exist regarding these one-acre parcels. Dana Kenny, the principal broker at Savio Realty Ltd., with over four decades of experience in selling Hawaiian properties, shared with BI that in Paradise Park, unless situated by the ocean or the highway, each plot appears identical.



“There are 8,000 one-acre lots in Paradise Park,” Kenny said. “If I blindfolded you, and I drove you to Paradise Park and I put you on a street in front of a lot — I’ll give you $10,000 if you could figure out where you were.”



This could explain the oversight that led to this situation. Although Keaau Development Partnership was unavailable for comment, a court document drafted by the developer’s attorney, Peter Olson, revealed that the vacant parcels in Paradise Park are distinguished by telephone poles. Each telephone pole marks two lots, and the incorrect one was chosen in this instance.



“The mistake was an accident and not intentional,” the document reads. “It was discovered after construction was complete and during the process of selling.”



The document further mentions that Keaau Development Partnership proposed a lot exchange to Reynolds: she would receive the undeveloped neighboring lot, and they would retain the one with the existing house.



However, Reynolds declined the offer. “The land was special to her,” James DiPasquale, Reynolds’ attorney, told BI. “Its placement was special to her, and she simply wants it back.”



A comprehensive restoration process would require a significant investment of both time and money.

Restraining order


In a legal motion submitted by DiPasquale for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order, Reynolds sought the removal of the existing house and the restoration of the land to its original state and wants the land be restored to its “natural state prior to the wrongful construction.”



  1. Howard Griffith

    April 28, 2024 at 7:20 pm

    need what resolution resulted in this case

  2. Westcoast is Gone

    April 28, 2024 at 7:30 pm

    Sounds like an honest mistake. The fact that there are tons of other blank lots next door and she refused is laughable. Typical Californian. Grow up lady


    April 28, 2024 at 9:08 pm

    Sounds like an honest mistake??? The fact is you can not find a section of property by counting telephone poles and a tape measure.
    They should have hired a surveyor.

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