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Democrat Suggest Tax Exemption for Black Americans

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Jasmine Crockett


Representative Jasmine Crockett put forth a novel idea regarding reparations for descendants of slaves.

Criminal attorney


As a former civil rights and criminal attorney, she suggested a temporary tax exemption as a reparative measure.

Enslaved individuals


Crockett explored different avenues for compensating living descendants of enslaved individuals.

Tax payments


In a discussion, Crockett referenced an unnamed celebrity who proposed that Black individuals should be excused from tax payments for a specific duration instead of receiving direct financial reparations.



The source of this suggestion from the celebrity proved challenging for Newsweek to verify, whether it originated from state or federal authorities.

Back in your pocket


“One of the things they propose is Black folk not have to pay taxes for a certain amount of time because…that puts money back in your pocket,” she said.



“If you do the no-tax thing for people that are already, say, struggling and aren’t really paying taxes in the first place, it doesn’t really matter.”

Descendants of slaves


Crockett believes that reparations should specifically target descendants of slaves, rather than encompassing all Black Americans.

Aren’t willing


“This is something that definitely needs to be thought through, but when you have people that aren’t even willing to do the studies, aren’t willing to invest to make sure that we can roll this out the right way,” she said.



“Everybody hypothesizes about what reparations will do on both sides and then there’s a breakdown. Because one side says it’s going to be the best thing since sliced bread, the other side says it’s going to be disastrous, instead of actually getting the data to show us these are the problematic parts, these are the not-so-problematic parts, and us actually crafting a thoughtful way forward.”

Social media


Conservative organizations have circulated a video featuring Crockett’s remarks across various social media platforms.



End Wokeness posted a condensed clip of Crockett’s statements on X (formerly known as Twitter). Right-wing figure Paul A. Szypula commented on X: “We pay Crockett almost $200k a year to be in Congress and spout this nonsense. Unbelievable.”



Some individuals have displayed greater moderation and backing for Crockett, including X user Shahid Raazaq who expressed: “It’s essential to examine the root causes of why certain groups may not be paying taxes in the first place and work towards comprehensive solutions that promote economic equity and justice.”

Sheez wrote


User Sheez wrote: “Jasmine is quickly becoming my favorite person in Congress. I would listen to Ms. Crockett all day. She is such a poised, educated, GENUINE person. I’m impressed by her bravery, her patience and persistence.”

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