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Rand Paul: Mike Johnson No Longer GOP Speaker, But ‘Uniparty’ Speaker

via NBC
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House Speaker Mike Johnson worked with Democrats this week to advance a Ukraine aid bill, breaking with the Republican majority.

Sen. Rand Paul said this meant Johnson was no longer the true GOP speaker.

“It’s official: ⁦@SpeakerJohnson is no longer the GOP Speaker of the House, but Speaker for the Uniparty’s $1.5T deficit, warrantless spying on Americans, and a foreign aid bill with more deficit spending than Schumer’s budget buster,” Paul wrote.

Johnson’s top policy adviser is a former lobbyist for companies with interests in Ukraine aid.

Other Johnson staffers also have troubling backgrounds that raise questions about his leadership.

“McCarthy was both incompetent and dishonest,” Rep. Dan Kildee said, but “Johnson is just incompetent.”

Globalist influences in Johnson’s office have allegedly undercut the America First agenda and led Johnson to betray conservatives on issues like Ukraine aid, government funding, and FISA.

Despite calls for his resignation, Johnson has authorized attacks on conservatives opposed to his radical foreign aid plans and intends to hold a vote, further dividing Republicans.

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