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Biden’s new Title IX revisions are a repulsive attempt to erase biological truth

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Biden’s account


Amidst the Caitlin Clark hype, a tweet was posted from Joe Biden’s account, calling for pay equality in women’s sports, which was seen as a gesture towards supporting women in sports but lacked consideration for the financial dynamics of professional sports. However, shortly after, the Biden administration unveiled plans that seemed to undermine female athletes by proposing significant changes to Title IX, potentially compromising fairness in locker rooms, sports, and other gender-specific areas.

Biological realities


These actions were taken without acknowledging the biological realities at play. By employing activist rhetoric and promoting an expansive notion of inclusion and gender ideology, Biden and his highly progressive advisors consistently distort the truth.



The recent alterations to Title IX undermine the original intent of the 1972 law by redefining discrimination based on sex to encompass the vague notion of “gender identity,” which relies on self-identification.

Claims to be a girl


If an individual claims to be a girl despite possessing male anatomy, they are considered a girl under these revised guidelines. “This is a regulation that attacks the definition of sex, due-process rights and free-speech rights,” Inez Feltscher
Stepman, a senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, shared with me. According to Feltscher Stepman, the new document spans a hefty 1,577 pages and is filled with “fire alarm fires that affects millions of students.”

Federal money


“This touches every educational institution that receives federal money — not just universities but every public school in America, and a not insubstantial percentage of private schools, too,” she said. “It forces them all to be blind to the reality of sex difference [in order] to not separate boys and girls in areas we’ve come to expect.”

Biden’s revision


Biden’s revision avoids addressing the particular issue of transgender athletes, yet Feltscher Stepman described the changes as a “politcal fig leaf. The plain reading of the regulation basically applies to sports as well.”

Federal protection


This implies that individuals who identify as women, regardless of their biological sex, will be granted federal protection to access facilities like locker rooms and participate in girls’ sports, as well as access opportunities designated for females, such as scholarships.

Challenging position


Women are once again placed in a challenging position. The pivotal law designed to ensure equal opportunities and safeguards is now being used against them.

Feltscher Stepman


Feltscher Stepman highlighted that these additions could also limit parental rights concerning a child’s gender transition and empower schools to discipline students for not using a classmate’s preferred pronouns.

Sexual misconduct


Furthermore, students accused of sexual misconduct may not receive fair treatment. The revisions reintroduce the controversial campus disciplinary processes from the Obama era and reverse the Trump administration’s efforts to restore rationality in this regard.

Due-process rights


“We’re talking about the most basic due-process rights: the right to know exactly what you’re being accused of, the right to an impartial adjudicator,” Feltscher Stepman said. “A lot of these universities, they want to use a ‘single-investigator model,’ where you have one biased Title IX investigator instead of an impartial judge to figure out what happened between two students.”



She mentioned that individuals accused of sexual misconduct will not have the right to have a representative question their accuser. “All of those protections are stripped of anyone who is accused.”

Transgender athletes


These changes were not endorsed by any voting process, neither by Congress nor the American public – a majority of whom oppose the participation of transgender women athletes in girls’ sports. These alterations were implemented by bureaucrats and enthusiastically supported by Education Secretary Miguel Cardona.

Legal challenges


Feltscher Stepman mentioned that the Independent Women’s Law Center and various other groups have already initiated legal challenges, highlighting that this issue will likely be a focal point in the upcoming presidential election.



It is crucial to resist this desperate, leftist power move consistently, as failure to do so could negatively impact all aspects of student life. A return to principles of truth and fairness is imperative in this situation.

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