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Megyn Kelly Obliterates George Stephanopoulos: ‘He Just Doesn’t Get It!’

via Megyn Kelly
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Megyn Kelly criticized mainstream media figures like George Stephanopoulos for being out of touch with Republican voters and struggling to find ways to criticize Trump.

She argued they ignore violence at liberal protests but scrutinize actions by conservatives as criminal.

“It’s amazing,” Kelly said. “Like, he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get it!”

“Like, the right half of the country doesn’t see these things as rising to the level of criminality,” she added. “They haven’t been treated as crimes when we had the so-called insurrections by the Democrats challenging elections or turning over police stations as we talked about earlier. Setting them on fire, courthouse as well. All just completely ignored.”

“They’re having trouble finding their outrage vein on these Trump behaviors because it’s so one-sided. Even the documents case. Your guy did that too! Your guy did that and he took the documents when he wasn’t even president, George. I will say, I don’t think Sununu was all that effective in responding to it, but it was just a complete skewering by an unfair journalist,” Kelly said.

“And by the way, why do Republicans keep going on these shows? Because you’re just there to be their little… right? Show pony,” she said.

Other conservatives note voters are viewing Trump’s presidency more favorably compared to Biden.

Debates continue over whether Trump faces unequal prosecution compared to Democrats.

Reporting encounters show the media still seeks signs Trump’s support is fading, but Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene counter they spread more conspiracy theories.

Steve Bannon predicted the MAGA movement will outlast Trump and grow more powerful.

“President Trump is a moderate in our movement. You’re going to pine in future years that you wish Donald Trump was around,” Bannon said. “This movement is ascendant and is going to go on long after Donald Trump. It’s only going to get more powerful and broader.”

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