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‘Go DEI’: MSNBC’s Reid Calls Black People Prosecuting Trump ‘Wonderfully Poetic’

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MSNBC host Joy Reid


During her program, MSNBC host Joy Reid commented on the trial of former President Donald Trump, describing it as “wonderfully poetic” that the prosecutors in multiple cases against Trump are black.



Reid said, “Donald Trump is at this point outdoing actual mobsters in his attacks on the judge’s family, the daughter. And he’s doing it to the point that Lawrence made, he knows he will never spend a day, a second, a moment in prison.”

Wonderfully poetic


“But for me, there is something wonderfully poetic about the fact that despite the fact that even if convicted, he’s not going to go to prison, the first person to actually criminally prosecute Donald Trump is a black Harvard grad. The very kind of person that his former staff, the people who worked for him, Stephen Miller, et cetera, want to never be at Harvard Law School but he was,” she continued.

175 million


“And he came out and graduated and he’s prosecuting you, Donald. And a black woman is doing the same exact thing in Georgia and the black woman forced you to pay $175 million fine that is now also in question because the people who put it up, that might not be legit,” Reid aded.

Multiracial democracy


Reid said, “Donald Trump is being held to account by the very multicultural, multiracial democracy that he’s trying to dismantle. And for me, there’s something poetic and actually wonderful about that. It says something good about our country that we’re still capable of having that happen. Go DEI, my DEIs are are bringing it home.”

Criminal trial


Trump’s criminal trial in New York has captured widespread attention, marking a pivotal moment in legal proceedings involving a former President of the United States. The case revolves around allegations of hush-money payments made to adult film star, Stormy Daniels, and is set to unfold as a significant test for the American legal system.



The trial centers on the assertion that Trump orchestrated hush-money payments to conceal potential damaging allegations against him in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. The charges particularly emphasize Trump’s arrangements to prevent the public disclosure of information that might have impacted his candidacy. Notably, the prosecution alleges that Trump made these arrangements with his then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, to facilitate the payment to Stormy Daniels, disguising it as “attorney fees”.


Fox News

The trial is anticipated to delve into the fundamental question of whether the hush-money payments were aimed at manipulating the 2016 presidential race or committing related crimes.

Trial’s outcome


The trial’s outcome is expected to have broad ramifications, resonating with Trump’s other pending criminal indictments, particularly those related to his conduct during the 2020 election.

Public persona


The legal proceedings also intersect with Trump’s public persona, including his claims of electoral fraud in the 2020 election and his involvement in the events that transpired on January 6, 2021. These broader political contexts are likely to influence the trial’s atmosphere and perception.


Fox News

Legal analysts have raised questions regarding the intention behind the hush-money payments and the potential influence on electoral processes. They have underscored the arduous task faced by the prosecution in proving that the payments were part of a deliberate plan to impact the 2016 election.

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1 Comment

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