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Jayapal: GOP Wants to Eliminate ‘All Reproductive Health Care for Women’

via CNN
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Representative Pramila Jayapal argued that Republicans want to eliminate all reproductive healthcare for women, not just abortion access.

She noted Donald Trump proudly took credit for ending Roe v. Wade through appointing Supreme Court justices.

Jayapal said the GOP is seeking to ban contraception in addition to abortion.

Jayapal said, “The thing everybody knows because Donald Trump bragged about it and will continue to brag about it. That he is the one who proudly takes responsibility for ending Roe v. Wade. So he has said that.”

She contended Republicans have caused chaos and pain for millions of women by revoking abortion rights.

Jayapal also stated the GOP agenda on reproductive issues is deeply unpopular.

She added, “They are the ones who have caused this tremendous chaos and real pain for millions of women across this country. Who now not only don’t have the right to abortion by the way, but also the Republicans are really about eliminating all reproductive health care for women as you saw with the IVF decision and so contraception is also by the way very much a part of their plan. And I think that they understand what a mess they are in now because this is not popular.”

She expressed hope that ballot measures like one in Arizona will show public support for abortion rights and help codify state laws.

However, Jayapal warned if Republicans regain control of Congress and the presidency, they will likely pursue a nationwide abortion ban, which has always been their ultimate goal regardless of what they say publicly.

Jaypal said, “What we know is that what they are doing is deeply unpopular. The chaos they have thrown the country into with the MAGA Supreme Court with Donald Trump proudly pushing and claiming responsibility for ending Roe v. Wade that is really the thing that we are dealing with now. I think that the we will once again show that the will of the people will be on the ballot with the Arizona abortion rights amendment and other states across the country that are putting this on the ballot.”

“I believe it will turn out a tremendous number of people. We will codify those laws and states but we just have to be clear that up Donald Trump gets back in, if Republicans keep control of the House and Senate they will continue to push forward a nationwide abortion ban. That is what they have always wanted whether they say it or not.”

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