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Here Are the Best Places to Live In US If Nuclear War Breaks Out

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Map reveals best places to live in the US if nuclear war breaks out.

Global conflict escalating

via FEMA

With concerns about a nuclear disaster and global conflict escalating, certain individuals searching for homes in the United States might need to rethink their preferred locations.

Most suitable in America

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Real estate professionals suggest that the most suitable areas in America for surviving a nuclear war are secluded rural regions with a mild climate, proximity to water sources, and agricultural land available.

Public transportation

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They advise avoiding densely populated urban centers and locations with extensive public transportation, shopping districts, and other modern conveniences typically sought after for residential living.

Your chances

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“In the event of nuclear war the location of your home can determine your chances for survival,” Andrew Ragusa, who is the CEO of REMI Realty on Long Island, New York, said.

Access to water

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“What used to be important when purchasing a home such as great school district, close to shopping, and near public transportation, has now changed to warm climate, access to food, and access to water,” he continued.

Major cities

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Ideal locations for nuclear war survival in the US are remote areas in California, Florida, and Texas, away from major cities like San Francisco, Miami, and Houston, with access to water and favorable weather.

Food and water

via CBC News

“If you’re near water you will always be near food and water that can be ingested after it has been desalinated,” said Ragusa.

Along the Mississippi River

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The real estate agent recommended purchasing homes in states along the Mississippi River such as Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Nuclear arsenal

via CBC News

With escalating nuclear threats from Russia and North Korea’s expanding nuclear arsenal, concerns have heightened as the Doomsday Clock was set at 90 seconds to midnight, signifying an unprecedented risk of nuclear catastrophe.

Rocky Mountains

via CBC News

Another expert, Jasen Edwards, proposed the Midwest and southeast regions for their access to water and agricultural land, as well as the Rocky Mountains which offer protection against nuclear attacks.

Radioactive material

via CBC News

“The elevation of the Rocky Mountains means that fallout would be dispersed more quickly and assisted by higher winds, which could help to minimize any radioactive material reaching the area,” Edwards said.

Active nuclear plants

via pixabay

The map recommends places to buy that are away from nuclear targets and the roughly 90 active nuclear plants across the country.

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