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CNN Reporter Slips Up, Says OJ Simpson Got Away With It

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OJ Simpson Got Away With It


During CNN’s report on the death of OJ Simpson, Stephanie Elam displayed visible excitement, highlighting Simpson’s acquittal in a murder trial that exposed racial tensions.

Not guilty verdict


Elam openly stated that Simpson’s not guilty verdict was perceived as a triumph for the black community as he was able to “get away with it.”

Policing changing


Elam said, “And it’s also just worth noting how much was impacted by this trial, Jake. So many things happened. We saw policing changing here in the city.”

Famous and black


She continued, “And it’s also worth noting, because of that unrest, that racial unrest in the 90s, that is why so many people who may not have been invested in O.J. Simpson were just happy to see that someone who was rich and famous and black could get away with what other people did in the system as well, too.”

Simpson’s family


In a statement released on Wednesday, Simpson’s family revealed that he had succumbed to cancer following a months-long battle.

Double murder trial


Following his successful NFL career, Simpson gained notoriety for being acquitted in the high-profile double murder trial involving his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Trial of the century


This trial, famously dubbed “the trial of the century,” was one of the first to receive extensive media coverage.

Ten years later


Over ten years later, Simpson faced a different legal battle in Las Vegas where he was found guilty by a jury for orchestrating a group of five men, two of whom were armed, in an armed robbery to steal sports memorabilia at a casino off the Las Vegas Strip.

Prison sentence


Simpson received a nine-year prison sentence for this conviction in Nevada.



He was released from prison on October 1, 2017, and was subsequently freed from parole in December 2021.

Football career


O.J. Simpson earned acclaim and adulation for his remarkable football career, marked by his Heisman Trophy win at USC and his contributions to the Buffalo Bills. Beyond his athletic achievements, he transitioned to a successful acting career, appearing in films and TV shows, and becoming renowned as a charismatic public figure.

Wrongful death


Despite being acquitted of criminal charges, Simpson faced a civil suit brought by the victims’ families, resulting in a wrongful death judgment against him.

Legal battles


The legal battles and controversies surrounding the trial continued to shape public perceptions of Simpson’s legacy, fueling enduring debates and reflections on the nature of justice and accountability.



His legal entanglements, alongside his enduring public profile, contributed to ongoing public fascination and scrutiny of his life and actions.



The life and controversies of O.J. Simpson have left an enduring impact on American culture and the legal landscape.



The trial and its aftermath prompted profound discussions about race, celebrity, and the complexities of the criminal justice system, shaping public discourse and legal perspectives for years to come.

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