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Lawsuit Officially Served to Liberal Fox News Host Jessica Tarlov

Fox News
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Jessica Tarlov


Tony Bobulinski has filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News commentator Jessica Tarlov stemming from remarks she made about his legal expenses.

Falsely claimed

Fox News

Last week on air, Tarlov falsely claimed Bobulinski’s lawyers fees had been paid by a pro-Trump Super PAC as recently as January.

Bobulinski’s lawyers fees

Fox News

“Tony Bobulinski’s lawyers fees have been paid by a Trump super PAC,” Tarlov said. “That’s as recent as January. Do you think that a guy who’s invested in how much better off he wants the United States to be and really getting to the bottom of this would be taking money from the guy who extorted the Ukrainians to get dirt on the Bidens?”

Personally funded

Fox News

Bobulinski denies this, saying he has personally funded over $500,000 in legal costs since 2020 relating to his testimony against Joe Biden.


Fox News

Tarlov later clarified her statement was inaccurate, but Bobulinski asserts the clarification was insufficient and she refused his demand for a full on-air apology.


Fox News

“I would like to clarify a comment I made yesterday during our discussion of Tony Bobulinski’s appearance at the congressional hearing. During an exchange with my colleagues about the hearing, I said that Mr. Bobulinski’s lawyer’s fees have been paid for by a Trump Super PAC as recently as January,” Tarlov said.

Trump PAC

Fox News

She added, “What was actually said at the hearing was that the law firm representing Mr. Bobulinski was paid by a Trump PAC. I have seen no indication that those payments were made in connection to Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees, and he denies that they were.”


Fox News

Bobulinski alleges Tarlov’s comments harmed his reputation.


Fox News

A week later now, Bobulinski slammed Tarlov for her refusal to “apologize and sincerely correct the record.” He voiced his eagerness to “hold her accountable in a court of law.”


Fox News

“This is not about money,” Bobulinski stated. “This is about the truth, for which I have been fighting for four years.”


Fox News

“This half-hearted response and cavalier attitude is simply unacceptable and Ms. Tarlov was aware at the time she made them that these false statements invoking President Trump would inflame a segment of the country against Mr. Bobulinski and Mr. Passantino and would falsely cause her viewers to disbelieve Mr. Bobulinski’s sworn testimony,” the letter read.

Donated to charity

Forbes Breaking News

If successful, Bobulinski says any damages will be donated to charity rather than kept as this lawsuit aims to uphold the truth of his sworn testimony regarding Biden family corruption.

American people

Forbes Breaking News

“I look forward to…continuing to bring the truth to the American people,” Bobulinski said.


Forbes Breaking News

The case follows Bobulinski’s ongoing criticism of the Biden administration and personal costs of coming forward.

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