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Former Member of DEI Group Comes Out, Blasts Their Racism

via Gothix
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A former Black Girl Gamers (BGG) member, Gothix, claims BGG does not truly care about diversity and that she was pushed out for having diverging views rather than being racist.

Gothix said BGG weeded out those without the “right” ideological views.

“The 100% Minority operated claim, the SEALED job board, and the lack of a hiring policy,” one X user wrote.

“Right now, Black Girl Gamers, the SBI-style game and movie consulting group, has issued new legal threats including a Cease and Desist,” they added.

“Meanwhile, they have mobilized their 10,000+ members to harass and call critics ‘racists’ in an attempt to deflect from the allegations.”

“Contrary to the allegations in the article, Black Girl Gamers has contracted freelancers of all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and ethnic backgrounds,” BGG wrote.

“As [a] former Black Girl Gamers member, I can confidently say these people are full of crap,” Gothix stated.

“They do NOT care about diversity. They promptly kicked me out for being ‘anti-black’ AKA, not making an idol out of my skin color and refusing to hate white people.”

“I was harassed for MONTHS after the fact, and received an onslaught of vitriol from many of their BLACK members. You know how BGG responded? They blocked me and literally scrubbed my existence off of their platforms,” she added.

“This is the problem … when people make skin color into an idol,” she said. “They worship their skin color and they think that that’s their identity, and then they have to make up all these weird rules and regulations about what it means to be black.”

“It was very small compared to the entity that it is now,” she said. “So we would have collaborations — like, I would stream on their Twitch page, we would do interviews with each other, we would do Discord calls, and that was pretty much the extent of my involvement.”

“Unless it’s diversity of thought, I don’t see the point of promoting diversity,” Gothix said.

BGG is now threatening lawsuits against those reporting on its allegedly discriminatory hiring practices.

However, Square Enix’s commercial failure of Forspoken, which BGG consulted on, shows diversity efforts did not add value.

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