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Democratic Strategist Scared About Who Young Voters Are Turning To

via CNN
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Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville issued a warning about declining support from young black and Hispanic voters.

Carville noted polls showing many intend to vote for Trump in November, calling it “horrifying” for Democrats.

“It’s horrifying, our numbers among younger voters,” Carville said.

“We’re not shedding them,” he said. “They’re leaving in the droves.”

“Liberals, or whatever, left-of-center people, can’t — they can never let a pitch go,” he said. “Whatever you throw them, they will swing at.”

While correctly identifying the problem, Carville was criticized for offering only superficial analysis and resorting to fearmongering about conservative judges rather than substantive solutions.

“But if Trump wins, I want you to understand what you have at stake in this election,” he said.

“For the next 35 years of your life — of your life — they’re gonna do nothing but [expletive] with you. Alright, forget birth control pills, forget reproductive rights, forget environmental protections,” he said.

Conservatives have argued that many young nonwhite voters see through the Democratic establishment’s “phoniness” and are awakening to the fact that Democratic policies have made things worse, potentially helping deliver victories for Trump in battleground states with large nonwhite populations.

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