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Jessica Tarlov Criticizes Trump on ‘The Five’, Faces Embarrassment from Gutfeld

via Fox News
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Jessica Tarlov on Fox News’ “The Five” claimed Donald Trump was “lucky” to earn billions from Truth Social’s public offering.

Her co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters strongly rebutted this assertion.

Gutfeld asked what Tarlov herself had built, implying she couldn’t judge Trump’s business success.

“Listen, I have always said this: Donald Trump gets really lucky,” Tarlov said.

“Oh is that what it is?” Jeanine Pirro said.

“What have you built, Jessica?” Gutfeld asked.

“Here we go!” Jesse Watters said.

“I love it when people who have a media footprint pretend to know how things are built,” Gutfeld added. “I don’t know how things are made.”

“I know when something is doing well that people want to be on it,” Tarlov said.

“He’s lucky! It’s lucky!” Gutfeld said mockingly.

As Truth Social’s stock price soared on its first two days of trading, netting Trump $3.5-6 billion, critics grasped at calling it “luck.”

However, analysts said the stock was also a proxy for how markets might view Trump policies in a potential second term.

“For global macro investors, DJT will be a proxy for how markets price Trump 2.0 policies,” financial analyst Ben Emons said.

Trump has income from his legal defense fund, which has spent continuously since 2020, and a super PAC coordinating with the RNC ahead of an expected 2024 campaign against Joe Biden.

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