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Joe Rogan Launches Tirade Against Whoopi Goldberg

via JRE Clips
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Podcast host Joe Rogan criticized Whoopi Goldberg’s comments on “The View” where she said if the Supreme Court ruled in favor of presidential immunity for Donald Trump, then Joe Biden could arrest all Republicans.

Rogan played a clip of Goldberg’s statement, which drew applause, saying it showed rising leftist insanity.

He noted how unhinged and off-base Goldberg’s interpretation was, that a presidential immunity ruling would not mean Biden could arrest opponents.

“Now, I just, you know, let’s look at a scenario where the Supreme Court says, yes, he has all those rights, he is immune from everything. You know what Joe Biden could do since he is presently president?” Goldberg asked.

“He could throw every Republican in jail!” she said.

Rogan highlighted the clip as an example of concerning rhetoric from the left about jailing political opponents, pointing out Goldberg confidently stated something with no factual basis.

“Did you see what Whoopi Goldberg said? She said that Biden could arrest all the Republicans put them in jail,” Rogan said. “You just need to see how unhinged this kind of thinking is. ‘Well, you know what Joe Biden could do. Joe Biden could…’ you have to see it. Because it’s, it’s on TV. It’s on television.”

“But the fact that she says that so confidently. Like if, if you’re willing to let Donald Trump use presidential immunity, that means Joe Biden could just go crazy and arrest all the Republicans. Because that’s what that means. Now that’s not what that means. Even a little bit. Like you just added a whole bunch of stuff to what that means,” Rogan added.

“I mean, in fairness, though, I mean, the view has to be you know, if you average out ‘The View’ hosts among the dumbest people on television,” writer Christopher Rufo said.

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