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Farah Griffin Dismisses Trump’s Assertion That Trials Will Increase Popularity as ‘Utter Lunacy’

via The View
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Alyssa Farah Griffin rejected the idea that criminal trials against Donald Trump could make him more popular or sympathetic.

As a Republican, she said Trump’s base would defend him vocally but the roughly 30% of “somebody other than Trump” Republicans would not see payments to Stormy Daniels or fraud cases as making them more sympathetic.

She called this claim of trials boosting popularity “complete lunacy.”

Griffin said, “There’s this myth out there that somehow these trials are going to make him — win him over more voters and there’s going to be sympathy. I reject that as a Republican because yes, his base is going to be with him and they’re going to vocally defend him. But to this sort of 30%, call them the Nikki Haley voters or the ‘somebody other than Trump’ Republicans, there is no way that hush money payments to Stormy Daniels or this fraud case in New York are going to make them more sympathetic to him. I find it to just be complete lunacy.”

Griffin also argued Trump is destroying the Republican Party by draining its resources, noting the RNC had $11 million cash on hand now compared to $77 million at this point in 2020 when Trump lost.

She said down-ballot Republican candidates have reason to be angry as there may not be funds for their races due to money going to Trump’s legal bills instead.

She said, “Donald Trump, beside from his general unfitness, is destroying the Republican Party. So right now the RNC has $11 million cash on hand. How much did it have at this time in 2020 when he lost the election? $77 million. Joe Biden is out raising him 2 to 1 and the Democrats and Biden have 3 to 1 cash on hand.”

“So if you’re a down ballot Republican candidate, you’re running for Senate somewhere or running for the House, how are you not angry? There’s not going to be money there to fund your race. It’s paying Trump’s legal bills.”

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